An Abandoned Umbrella’s Story


My one hope has left me/I have but nothing left, only to sit here/Waiting/Hoping

Rain poured down from the heavens,

As I sat there,

Lost and weak,

As the water pooled up around me,

My one hope has left me,

I have but nothing left, only to sit here,



As the endless current of life pulls me along its way,

Before long,

All I feel is a senseless whooshing,

A slight pull here or there,

I slowly let my senses drift off and blend with the flecks of rain,

Those that trickle down my face,

Soon all I sense are the faint,

Dreamy white figures,

Pulling and tugging,

At me,

From all sides

But the spirit at my east prevailed in its struggle,

Casting the antagonists into the oblivion of the vast waters,

It smiled beautifully at me,

And removed me from the currents I was condemned to,

Gasping at the sensation,

I felt something strange,

Familiar and strange

New and old,

But indisputably beautifully,

I was lifted to heights unimaginable,

Spun in circles of joy,


Taking in my new life.

By Elisabeth Smith ‘28, Staff Writer