2023 Montrose Semi-formal


The freshmen take a couch picture at Semi.

Montrose’s upper-school semi-formal took place on January fifteenth at the Lakeview Pavilion in Foxboro. While many girls brought a date with them, many also just went with their friends. Personally, I brought a date… it was my friend Alex who’s a senior at Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood. 

On the evening of the dance, many couples and friend groups, met up for pictures before making their way to the venue. As the daughter of the chairwoman, Alex and I got to arrive an hour and a half before the beginning of the dance. While we waited for everyone to arrive, we tested the photo booth and hung out together. Soon, everyone did arrive, and as each person went through the receiving line, introducing themselves to the parent-chaperones with a handshake, and met up with their friends, the energy began to build. Shortly after that, dinner was served. The food was actually quite tasty, and I believe that it was much better than last year. There were also fancy drinks in tall, skinny glasses, which I thought looked beautiful. 

The seniors capture their last semi with a couch picture.

After dinner, the dancing began. The music blasted through the speakers, and all of the students, along with their dates, were jumping up and down as we all screamed the lyrics to the songs while many were also utilizing the photo booth that was situated next to the dinner tables. Yes, this is when I did a jump-split in front of everybody (don’t worry, I had shorts on underneath my dress), per requests of some classmates. Despite having not done a jump-split since last year’s semi-formal, it was surprisingly painless. 

Around an hour and a half of dancing later, it was time for the ice cream sundae bar. There were many cups of both vanilla and chocolate ice cream along with jars of every topping you could think of… from hot fudge and caramel sauce to rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, gummy bears, oreo crumbs, and best-whipped cream. 

The junior class poses for a picture.

The rest of the dance was an absolute blast. Everyone participated in the loud, and very intense dancing that took place on the dance floor which was right at the center of the venue. The dancing continued for the entire night, even when our feet were hurting, and our voices were sore. Overall, this year’s semi-formal was a huge success, and based on the energy that the entire night had, most girls, along with their dates, had the time of their lives as we all danced together! 

by Kristina Klauzinski ’24, Assistant Sports Editor