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Middle School staff writer Maria Dodds
Presenting Captain Jack Sparrow
Maria Silveyra Dodds '26, Staff Writer

Jack Sparrow is an absolutely amazing character -- er- sorry -- Captain Jack Sparrow. He can be considered a villain in the movies Pirates of the Caribbean, but he is a hilarious one. He has a special way of doing things that makes you laugh. For example, in The Dead Man’s Chest, Jack is running away from a tribe of natives who are trying to kill him; and, when he is running towards his ship, "The Black Pearl", he runs waving his arms in the air and leaning back a bit while screaming his head off. Another example of Jack being funny is when, in...

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Meghan and her classmates having an impromptu dance party in the faculty lounge at the Natick campus.
Alumna Feature: Meghan Burns
Kate Novack '24, Features Editor

Have you ever wondered what life beyond Montrose looks like? Look no further than alumna Meghan Burns, class of 2003. Meghan Burns is a proud Maverick whose career flourished not only at Montrose, but also in her life post-graduation. This proud graduate teaches at Newton North High School in the History and Social Sciences Department. This year, she is teaching Modern World History and AP U.S. History. Meghan discussed many reasons why her education at Montrose affects her life today. Meghan’s love for history came from her family’s vacations...

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Contributing writer Rosie Reale
What's With All the Sage Green? Current Color Trends in Fashion
Rosie Reale '24, Contributing Writer

Colors have been going in and out of style for many years. The color trends of these past two years seem to be more neutral tones, such as brown and sage green. It seems that as a society, we would rather wear colors that are calming in order to contrast our hectic daily lives.   Brown used to be only thought of as the color of dirt or mud, but it has recently become very popular. People have discovered a newfound love for a color that was once widely disliked.  It certainly contrasts the bright colors and styles worn in the 2010s.  But,...

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Middle School staff writer Maria Dodds
Presenting Captain Jack Sparrow
Maria Silveyra Dodds '26, Staff Writer • May 7, 2021
In a sequel to her Top 5 popular article about rock bands, staff writer Keira Hyatt goes in depth on her favorite band.
An Introduction to Queen
Keira Hyatt '26, Staff Writer • April 29, 2021
Middle School Editor Bella Gonet
Book Review: Mayor for a Day
Bella Gonet '26, Staff Writer • April 29, 2021
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