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New Students Reflect on the Transition to Montrose

Julia McKenzie '19, Contributing Writer

Now that we are well into the school year, I became curious about how our new students are handling their transition to Montrose. I was delighted to learn that all of the students are settling in well and are happy with their decision to attend Montrose: “I really like all the girls; everyone is so nice and accepting. The teachers and faculty are also amazing, they pay so much attention to you and your learning.” --Olivia Goughan ‘18 “I think the girls at Montrose are really kind and open.” --Anna Kearney ‘23 “Since this is my first year here, and I was entering into the n...  Read More »

AP European History Students Recreate French Salon

Gabby Landry '18, Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday, November 17th, Sophomores and Juniors in Mrs. Forsgard’s AP European History class transformed into monarchs, scientists, and philosophes of the 17th century Enlightenment.  They entered Room 10 not for a regular history class, but to attend a Salon, a 17th-century event held primarily in France in which philosophes, monarchs, and others met to discuss Enlightenment ideas, current events, and other topics. The monarchs, scientists, philosophes, and other important figures donned costumes and accessories, and sat in a circular arrangement in the Paris home of the hostess, Marie-...  Read More »

HOBY Leadership Weekend for 10th Graders

Olivia Hastie '18, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The deadline for sophomores to be considered for the Massachusetts Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Seminar (HOBY) nears. By December 8th, interested sophomores must contact College Guidance to be considered for a school recommendation to the program. HOBY is a weekend opportunity (June 10-12, 2017) where teens learn the various tactics and ways to be a great leader in the world around us. Last year’s Massachusetts HOBY took place at Bentley University in Waltham and sent three Montrosians. Alex Rider ‘18, Gabby Landry ‘18, and I, Olivia Hastie ‘18 spent three days in June at Bentley learning ne...  Read More »

Did you Catch the ‘Supermoon’ ? Next chance, 2034

Jenna McCarthy '19, Staff Writer

What? Did somebody say the biggest and brightest moon to rise in almost 69 years? A supermoon is when a full moon is at its closest point to Earth during the lunar orbit. The distance between the moon and Earth changes because the moon doesn’t orbit in a perfect circle, owing to the gravitational forces of Earth pulling on it. In addition, the Earth’s surface is 70% ocean, which creates tide variations. This year, slightly higher tides developed as a result of the November 14 supermoon, NASA scientist for Lunar Reconnaissance Noah Petro reported. The moon pulls on Earth’s oceans and crust. Th...  Read More »

Montrose Takes on WGBH High School Quiz Show

Sarah Lepsevich ‘17, Investigations Editor

On November 13th, Nathalie Falcao ’17, Annie Miklus ‘18, Yvonne Niebuhr '18, and I arrived at WGBH in Boston, excited to participate in the WGBH High School Quiz Show Super Sunday event. “My favorite part was being able to test my knowledge of various subjects in a competition format. it was also really cool to participate in a commercial for the HSQS promos,” said Nathalie Falcao ’17. WGBH markets the show, now in its eighth season, by saying they are bringing “young, exciting, and smart back to the world of TV game shows” with their High School Quiz Show academic team compe...  Read More »

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The Student Newspaper for Montrose School
The Student Newspaper for Montrose School