The Looking Glass

Review: Montrose’s Advising Program 2018
Auction Prize: 6th Grade Rock-on with AD Ruggieri
Senators-in-Training: Class of 2019 Visits Edward Kennedy Institute for the Senate
Upcoming Italy Trip: Juniors & Seniors Gear up to Follow in the Footsteps of Dante
Spring Sports Banquet Honors 2017-18 Athletes while Planning for Montrose’s First Homecoming this Fall

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  • Younger Siblings at Montrose Say Goodbye to Older Sister Graduates
  • Montrose’s Spanish Exchange Students Return Home after 10-Week Visit
  • Seniors Bequeath Book Nook for Enrichment Reading through Service Project
  • Eight Montrosians Compete at NEPSTA Championship
  • Snaps Abound at Montrose’s First Poetry Open Mic
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The Student Newspaper for Montrose School.
The Student Newspaper for Montrose School.