Tips for Planning Ahead for the Next Semi & Prom

Sarah Gibson '14 & Dorothy Crevier '14

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How to Choose A Dress

  • One of my first tips in finding a great dress is being comfortable in it. When you are shopping and trying dresses on, try dancing around in it. You may look silly in the store,  but it is a perfect way to make sure you won’t have to worry about fixing the dress during the dance. There is nothing worse than realizing your dress doesn’t fight right.

  • Figure out what style you are going for. The semi-formal is a great way to express your fashion sense and take a break from the uniform. Try looking for the newest trends in dresses whether it be sparkles, strapless sweetheart, or even an informal black tie party dress.

  • You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a semi-formal dress. You do not have to have a name brand dress. There are many places that have cheaper dresses which will look the exact same, if not better! You can even borrow dresses from friends, something old something new!

Which kind of dress to pick

  • Make sure to get a dress that is right for your body type. Consult your friends or family before choosing a dress, because they will be able to give you truthful, and great advice on what looks best!

  • The definition of semi-formal attire can be somewhat flexible, especially for girls. Our dresses should be “relatively modest,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with choosing a dress.

  • If you are skeptical about whether your dress is too short,  try the fingertip rule. Stand up straight, and put your arms straight down. If your dress passes, or is at the tips of your fingers, then the length should be nothing to worry about.

How to Choose A Date

  • Take someone you enjoy spending time with. This may be your best guy friend, or someone that you are dating.

  • Choose a guy who will respect you and your school. Remember many of your friends and teachers are at semi; you want to have a date that is a good representation of your friends outside of school.

  • Take someone you know. Many people also take friends of friends to semi and that is fine. In fact its especially good because then your date will know more people at semi. Still, you should try to meet your date (in person) before semi so you can see if he is a good choice. This doesn’t have to be a one-on-one meeting. Gather a group of both of your friends and hang out.