Upper School Play El Phantismo – Add Laughs to Your Friday and/or Saturday Fun (7 PM)

Olivia Hastie '18, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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When a pirate comes to town, the whole town of Santicillia falls to shambles. Weddings aren’t legitimate, men marry for money, jealous girls try to steal husbands, and many sword fights ensue. This year Montrose’s Upper School Play is El Phantismo, a goofy play geared toward comedy rather than drama.

The story is told by three old women: the dueñas (Emily Rose ‘18, Skylar Miklus ‘18, and Yvonne Niebuhr ‘18), who tell the story of the dreamy pirate El Phantismo and his love, the tragic Antonia. All the while local town girl Sierra (Abby Hutner ‘18) is caught in an arranged marriage with a boy named Santiago (Molly Bowman ‘18), whom she’s never met. Both sets of star crossed lovers are forced apart, so be sure to come see them find their way back to each other.

The show is set for Super Bowl weekend! So before you cheer on the Patriots, come cheer on your fellow students in the Upper School Play El Phantismo on Friday, February 2nd and Saturday, February 3rd at 7:00PM.