The Unusual Tohab

Anna Bachiochi '20

Once there was a tohag. Well, there is a lot you should know about tohags, and a lot that there is still to discover about them. But to hear this story, there are only a few facts needed. First of all, tohags are vicious creatures. They feed on almost anything that comes their way, and they can smell fresh meat when a hundred miles away. You see, because they live in the dark and cold, hardly anything fresh ever comes their way. They almost never leave their dark caves. Except one tohag did. If it weren’t for this one strange tohag, we probably would have never known what they look like.

This tohag had a problem that no other tohag has ever had in the history of tohags. He got lonely. This was such a strange state of mind for a tohag that there wasn’t even a word for “lonely” in the tohag language. When he tried to explain his feelings to the rest of the tohags, they just laughed at him for being so silly and called for another barrel of grihd, which is a tohagian drink.

As the tohag grew older, however, the lonely feeling just got worse. Finally, he decided to do something no tohag had ever done before. He decided to go out into the world. This was a risky plan because tohags had not been seen by humans since the Great Revolt of Tohag, in which the great king of the tohags, King Yuoddre revolted against the humans. Once the humans won this pivotal battle, the tohags went back to their dark caves. They spread out among countless caves and no longer had a king.

Our tohag was desperate, however, so he decided to go out into the human world anyway.

 He packed his belongs and planned his journey to the Human World. He kept his journey a secret from everyone because he knew the other tohags would just laugh and call him silly. At last he was ready to go. He left his dark cave in the early morning of July 24th, which is Hunkrd 69704 on the tohag calendar. As he left, he tacked a sign up on his front door that read:

Translated this reads: “This tohag is going away and will not be back for a long, long time. Don’t go looking for this tohag because you wouldn’t find him.”

None of the tohags had names, which could become confusing at times. They all referred to themselves as “this tohag.”

 Then the tohag said goodbye to his cave for the last time and headed toward the Judjfhr, the only road in tohag country. Every tohag knew that if you traveled far enough along that road, you would reach the land of the humans. The tohag trudged along the Jodjfhr. He never once looked back. This was probably a good thing because if he did he may of run back home to his comfortable little hole and missed the adventure.

Finally, after two days of uneventful walking, our tohag came to the place where the the tohag and human roads met, called the “Huypoe Lghdes” by the tohags. The humans called it the “meeting of disaster.” This was where the great  King Yuoddre had fallen in the last battle. This was also the place where our tohag meet his first human friend.

Linda was skipping home from school when she saw our tohag. To her, he looked like a large glob of mud. But because Linda was a kind-hearted girl, she felt pity for the “poor thing.” It looked so lost! She timidly walked up to him. “Hi.” she said. “do you need help? You look lost.”

From then on Linda and our tohag were the best of friends. She named him “Matthew” because when she asked him his name, he said “Matehw”, which means in tohagian, “what did you say?” When the tohag went back to visit his family, Linda came too. They all grew to like her cheerful, loving ways. The friendship drew the two species together. They forgot about the fight long ago and became allies, and it was all because of the Unusual Tohag.