Sarah Lepsevich '17, Investigations Editor

The annual Montrose 8th-12th grade Movie Night was held on Thursday, October 6th. It was an evening of fun and bonding with games, food, and a surprise movie.  

What was everyone’s favorite part of the evening? For 8th and 12th graders alike, it was the Senior Man Hunt. “I remember how Nathalie Falcao ‘17 hid in the closet. I am really afraid of clowns and she just kind of popped out and it scared me to death because I thought she was a clown! That was my favorite part. It was so fun,” said Amanda Belger ‘21 Eva Pimlott’s ‘21 favorite parts were “the food, the Senior Man Hunt, and also the chance to spend time with my big sister and get to know her better.”

The surprise movie was Zootopia. In honor of the movie theme, most of the seniors wore animal footie pajamas. “I liked the movie because we got to eat a lot,” commented Ieva Sereiva ‘21.

Before the movie, the big and little sisters gathered around in a circle so the seniors could advise the 8th graders about life in high school. “It was a time to bond with our little sisters and help them prepare for high school. We all touched upon different subjects. I think it was helpful for our sisters to get to know a little bit of everything that goes on in high school,” said Valerie Valdivia ‘17. Ieva Serieva agreed that it was indeed helpful: “I learned about managing my homework in high school. It was good how they talked about doing two languages and having Latin classes. I’m considering doing that.”

With a total of forty students and and three and a half chaperones (including baby Phineas White), the annual movie night was a success. “It was a good opportunity to bond with our little sisters in an ‘out of school’ environment,” commented Elizabeth Prabakaran ‘17. Eva Pimlott’s big sister is on her soccer team; however, at the movie night she “got to know her differently. You get to see the seniors more when you’re all together and it was a good chance to interact with them. We don’t see them that much in school,” she said.

If the current senior class could give one piece of advice to the rising senior class it would be to “think of the games more in advance,” said Mackenzie Fleming ‘17. The seniors planned what games they were going to play just a few hours before the event. Valerie Valdivia ‘17 suggested “playing games that get your feet moving instead of sitting still. It worked really well for us.”

Overall, in the words of Amanda Belger ‘21, the night was a “ten out of ten! We liked hanging out with the seniors; it was really fun!”