Reflections on a Success Year for the Montrose Chapter of SADD

Reflections on a Success Year for the Montrose Chapter of SADD

Julia Convery '19, Classes & Clubs Editor

We’ve seen the hard work of the SADD members active throughout our school community, whether it was the Wellness Fair they set up or the Blood Drive, the SADD chapter has had great success in their many activities this year. Their most recent activity was the SADD Wellness Fair which informed students about the dangers of texting and driving, cyber bullying, as well as tips for healthy eating and other issues. The members put lots of hard work into educating the students at Montrose during the Fair by supplying informational flyers with helpful facts, creating dynamic and instructive posters, and furnishing their bulletin board in the cafeteria with helpful materials and knowledge on current SADD issues. Aine Ford ‘18, one of the captains of the SADD chapter, commented on the success of the Wellness Fair: “I think that the Wellness Fair was a great success! I could see people stop and read some posters or take a flyer throughout the day. Our goal was to raise awareness of some of the issues presented (cyberbullying, healthy eating, etc) and I really think that we accomplished that.”

The Wellness Fair wasn’t the only success they had. The club also held the annual Blood Drive on March 29, with many donors and compliments from the Blood Drive staff. Juniors and Seniors, as well as faculty and staff at Montrose, were invited to donate, and the outcome was outstanding! Aine Ford ‘18 agrees: “ I think that the Blood Drive was very successful, especially considering the small population of the student body who could donate. We had about 30 donators, and that doesn’t include a lot of people who tried and couldn’t donate for some reason or other.”  Since some students couldn’t participate on account of sports, she adds, “Next year, we’re holding the Blood Drive on a Thursday, so those participating in a sport are allowed to donate.” Thank you to all who donated and hopefully more students and staff can donate next year!

These two outstanding activities of the SADD chapter are only a few endeavors the club has taken, along with hosting Special Agent Frank Lombardo to talk about prescription drugs, and inviting students to download an app that encourages safe driving. The year is quickly coming to a close, but the SADD chapter has many plans for next year.  Aine Ford ‘18 hints at their plans for next year, saying, “For the future, I’m hoping to expand the club to more than mostly Juniors, and include a few new projects into the school year.”  The SADD chapter has contributed much to Montrose, whether through informational fairs, talks, or drives, and we can’t wait to see what they have planned for next year!

Aine Ford ‘18 as one of the captains of the SADD chapter, leaves us with one last piece of advice as we finish off the year: “ Finish strong, but make sure you stay healthy, mentally and physically! Drink lots of water, eat healthy, go for walks, and take study breaks when you need to!”