Mysteries of the Seniors: What ARE they doing?


Qing Liu '17

As a Montrosian, we are very interested in the seniors’ “mysterious” lives: “Why are the seniors everywhere?” “Why are they always in the bathroom during class? Do they even have class? I heard that the seniors have parties every week!”

In response, we have some ideas as to who the seniors REALLY are:

Assumption No.1: The seniors are actually spies hired by the school to spy on other students

The school is quite concerned for the many students under stress; therefore, the school hired the seniors to spy on other students. That’s why we see seniors at every corner in the school: in the cafeteria, the round tables, the conference room and the media center. If you think they are doing work, you are wrong: They’re secretly watching your behaviors and reporting it to the school. Remember how they are given the privilege of using the Internet for “schoolwork?” It’s actually for the secret spy network set up around the school. Warning: when the whole senior class is missing, be CAREFUL! They could be having a secret meeting  somewhere to talk about your bad behaviors.

Assumption No.2: The seniors are actually professional food tasters in the town

The seniors can go out for lunch. According to some rumors, the seniors are actually professional food tasters hired by the town of Medfield. They pretend that they’re normal students, but actually they go out to restaurants and check on the safety of the food there. That’s why they always take so long.

Assumption No.3: The Senior Commons are a HAUNTED AREA and seniors are cursed

The Senior Commons seem really cool to many people; however according to The 7 Legends of Montrose, the Senior Commons are haunted. There have been reports of items (and even people) missing. “As finals are getting closer, the spirits in the haunted Senior Commons are getting stressed too; therefore, they kidnap seniors. That’s why sometimes people find there are only a few seniors around. In fact they’re all kidnapped to do homework for the spirits in the Commons. When they come back, they lose all their memories of what happened,” concluded one student.

Assumption No.4: The seniors are NOT REAL

Do you believe in seniors? Some people do not. In some people’s opinions, seniors do not exist in real life, and the “seniors” we see right now are illusions that we made up. That’s why some people see them everywhere, and yet, some people rarely see them around.

If you have any informations or evidences for one of the assumptions here, please contact The Emergency Department of The Mysterious Seniors.