Younger Siblings at Montrose Say Goodbye to Older Sister Graduates

Younger Siblings at Montrose Say Goodbye to Older Sister Graduates


May is the beginning of our long-expected summer vacation. The air fills with the smell of suntan lotion, ice juice and ocean. Searching every single pretty dress, some people felt excitement about proms; making final college decisions, and some people begin looking forward to their college life.

But there are also girls who are so happy for their sisters’ great achievements in senior year, but at the same time feel upset about their leaving. Sister in my opinion is always the one whom we look up to when we were younger; they are the one we snuggle with when we lie on the couch. They are the one who sometimes annoy us a little, but they are always the one who listens to all our secrets and give us a big hug when it we need most.  This year, our graduating class also has five seniors who are going to leave behind their younger sisters in the school. So I interviewed the younger sisters. Let’s see from their perspectives, how they feel about sister going off to college.

The Ling Sisters

Sarah Ling:“ The moment where Lizzy and I grew very close was when we climbed on the roof of our house.
We were bored. Extremely. And with nothing to do and sleeping chaperones at the age of 11 and 9 we gloomily looked out a window into the distance. So accordingly we stepped off the window and onto the roof! We ambled around for a bit when Liz said,” hey let’s see if you can get back in if I close the window.” So she went in and closed the window on me. No I could not open the window from the outside. But she couldn’t open the window from the inside either!! Ahh!! So she motioned me to go onto the other side of the roof where the edge meets a different bedroom. Only on this side there was a 3 foot gap between the room and the ridge. So I jumped with Lizzy’s help into the window. I will never forget that. It’s like the extreme version of a trust fall, and we have been as thick as thieves since.

The Wen-Wei Sisters

Lily Wei:“ I know Sylvia and I are not technically real siblings. Anyway, we come from the same hometown in China and  live in the same host family, so our connection is as strong as real sisters. My best moment with her was when we used our fingers to write “Lily and Sylvia forever together” on the beach. I am so fortunate to have her. She cares a lot about me. For example, when I get up late, she would make breakfast for me; and, when I felt frustrated about work, she can spend hours helping me. She encourages me to go through my hardest first year in America and guides me to find more positivity in life. I will always carry all her love in my heart even though I am going to college soon.”  

The Bowman Sisters

Emily Bowman: “The drives to and from Montrose are my favorite. It is the time where we both relax, tell each other about our day and jam to music. I am definitely going to miss carpooling with her. I am excited for her to go to Wentworth! She will be living at home; so, if I ever need to talk to her, I know that she is just two doors down the hall. I know she will do great things studying architecture next year!”

The Crevier Sisters

Bridget Crevier:“ I most feel close to my sister when we talk during our car rides to school and when we share our high and low points of each day. I know I can always count on her for any advice I need. I am sad to see my sister go off to college especially because of the distance, but I am also excited to see what she accomplishes and know she will do great things.”

The Rose Sisters

Anna Rose: “I feel close to my sister when we stay up late and watch Youtube videos together. I am a little sad about her going off to college, but I will always go and visit her. I believe she will have a wonderful first year at college.”  

The Schickel Sisters

Maria Schickel: “I’m gonna miss her so much, especially our random car rides and conversations. She’s my best friend and knows me inside and out. Even though she’ll be in DC away from me, I know she’s going to do amazing things and I know she’ll be happy at Catholic U. I’m so proud of you, Bird.”

The Miklus Sisters

Caroline Miklus: “We used to have little baking parties where we would listen to music and bake stuff. Also sometimes she took me to the mall and we would buy macaroons and just hang out. It’s been great having a big sister at Montrose because she drives me home from school, and she is ready to go faster than my mom. I am really happy for her to go to Dartmouth, but I will miss her a lot! I hope she comes to visit often! My dear sister, good luck at Dartmouth!”

The Niebuhr sisters

Viviana Niebuhr: “ I feel I bond most with my sister during the time when she drives me home. It is definitely going teacher
to be a big adjustment for my whole family since she is the oldest of seven. I wanna tell her that I will miss her a lot and please sleep more than you do here.”