Montrose’s New Library with MPL Partnership

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By Katrin O’Grady ’15

While attention focuses on the new Arts & Athletic Center, students may be surprised to learn that Montrose got a new library this summer, aka the Medfield Public Library (MPL).  Montrose now has an official partnership with the MPL. Medfield Library and Montrose Library are now one in the same.

Throughout the next few weeks, every class will take a trip in their English classes to get library cards and take a tour of the Medfield Library. Montrosians will reap the benefits of many months of careful planning by the English department. Even without traveling to the library, students will be able to use their library cards to access the extensive library databases and available ebooks from any Internet-connected computer. Seniors can sign out to use study rooms in the teen colorful teen bottom-floor section of the library during free periods.

To learn a little more about the partnership, Looking Glass reporters talked with the “Official Montrose Librarian,” the MPL’s teen librarian, Ms. Erica Cote, to get the inside scoop. She enthusiastically explained the numerous benefits Montrosians can take advantage of. “‘[You can] learn research skills and access databases. You can use interlibrary loans, so if you need a book, we will order it for you from another library.’” She also recommended students take advantage of the “Teen Zone,” a part of the library only for kids, no adults, “I’ve kicked adults out before,’” she admitted. She encouraged Montroisans to go to her for help, “Call whenever you want,” she said, “‘I also always have my email open.”

Cote a stressed that the Medfield Library is now our library. She urged us to, “come to the library often. Build a community. Make your own programs — start a book club or host a movie night, and make the library your own.”


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