Red Team Triumphs in 2018 Field Day: Breaks White Team’s 5-year Win Streak


Anna Noon '19, Social Media Editor

Field Day 2018 was one to remember. What a comeback the Red Team achieved, crushing the White Team’s 5 year winning streak! Thankfully, this year, the weather was beautiful and sunny. Students loved being outdoors. Amira Akar ‘21 even said that she wished that there were “more outside activities.” However, staying in doors was very exciting, since each wall and staircase was decked out in red and white streamers, and crazy challenges awaited at every turn.

The day began with a a slideshow that allowed students to remember the best times with the senior class of 2018. After a brief moment of happy tears, students went to lunch and rallied for the games. Some of the favorite games from the theme of “surfing the web” were temple run, dodgeball, musical chairs, and the snapchat filter. Typical classrooms were transformed into places to paint, an area holding a ginormous blow-up obstacle course, a set of hidden cards challenging students’ memory, and so much more.

Games required physical and artistic ability, but it was all in good fun. Kiki Karam ‘19 said: “the competition makes groups close and builds relationships throughout the school.” Students competed against others of all grades.

Catherine Bettinelli ‘21said: “loved how you could sign the back of the T-shirts.” This small act helped perpetuate student bonding because we were all so excited to get many signatures and to play with and against each other!   

A new adjustment to this year’s Field Day was an early dismissal. Students especially enjoyed this because they were able to enjoy their time and there was no extra time to enjoy the beautiful day, often with friends gathering to continue the fun.

Isabelle Heron ‘19 said that Student Government did a phenomenal job preparing a fun experience for all students.

Maybe the upcoming years will be a new winning streak for the Red Team… stay tuned!