New Eyes on Montrose’s Christmas Traditions

Barbara Whitlock

Mariel Rosati '19

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Christmas!  It’s all that people have been talking about.  You could even feel the holiday spirit by walking through the hallways. Now that Christmas break has officially begun, I have been able to look back at all the traditions I’ve experienced these past few weeks.

First, Decorating Day was really exciting.  I had so much fun coming up with ideas for the pole and homeroom decorations.  I still can’t believe that we got it all done.

Cookie Decorating Day was also great, and I loved how it was a “big/little sister” event.  I had so much fun loading my cookie up with frosting and toppings, no matter how big a stomach ache I got after.  Christmas Sweater Day was interesting, and let’s just say that no other school celebrates this wacky tradition.

Unfortunately, I missed Common Homeroom last week because of the snow.  Therefore, I didn’t get watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas or sing Christmas carols.

Secret Santa was a nice touch, and it was my favorite Christmas tradition.  My friends and I all received awesome gifts.  Finally, the skits were so creative and my favorite was the freshman’s “Happy Feet” movie preview.  Montrose definitely has some amazing Christmas traditions that you can’t find at any other school.