Reinvigorating Lenten Resolutions

Reinvigorating Lenten Resolutions

Julia Convery, Class & Clubs Editor

Lent. For some people, Lent may seem like a long, boring period of time before Easter where you have to give up a habit or something that you like to do. However, Lent is so much more than just a month of fasting and prayer before Easter. If you really understand what Lent is all about, the better your Easter is, and the more at peace you feel.

Lent starts with Ash Wednesday, which is celebrated at Mass by receiving ashes traced as crosses on our foreheads to remind us, like the priest says when distributing the ashes, “Remember that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return.” This prompts us to be cognizant of death, and because we don’t know the exact date when we will die, it helps us prepare for the reality of our eternal life. Lent gives us an opportunity to repent, pray, fast, and give alms. Ashes remind us that we are sinners and that we need God’s forgiveness.

If you sincerely try to set a goal or sacrifice for yourself this Lent, and really try your best at keeping it, Easter will be as joyful as it should be. You will be able to rejoice with God because he has risen and has set us free from sin. And Lent also offers opportunities to those beyond the faith tradition. Bad habits take at least 21 days to break; the 40 days of Lent helps fuel resolution to set goals and improve your own habits and your relationships with others.

So, this Lent, really try to challenge yourself. Try to do something extra this Lent to show God you want to be closer to him . Try making someone smile everyday or give someone a compliment everyday. Or maybe just try being more positive or more grateful. Giving up chocolate for Lent is a wonderful sacrifice, but try to go the extra mile this Lent. Even if you fall away from your goal, just keep trying — that is the process that strengthens us through Lent Lent!

God wants to give us peace and joy, and Lent is the best opportunity to earn these gifts and share them with others.