The Ivy Music Academy



Piano is a valuable skill that requires a great deal of determination and practice.

Do you want to learn Piano, Voice, Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar (classical, pop, base rock, and jazz), ukulele, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, clarinet, flute, saxophone, drums, solfege, music theory or composition? You can take any one, or many, of these classes at Ivy Music Academy (175 Main St, Norfolk, MA 02056). I learned Piano with an amazing teacher Mr. Todor. Mr. Todor also happens to be the owner of the whole studio! He pushes you to your limits while also letting you decide what song you want to play! Mr. Justin is another example of a piano teacher; The only reason I know that is because I see him ‘round. The sweet thing about this place is that they give you sweets any day, provided that you practice well. You also just get an intense pride that you know how to play piano and you can play for others. Also if you get a song that you are specifically wanting to play, like me for example with carol of the bells, then you should practice more! In the end you can take a variety of instruments at Ivy and also, I’m pretty sure you can take more than one! I don’t know yet for sure, but maybe I will take flute lessons along with my piano lessons starting in 2022. I highly recommend that you join this friendly studio to learn different types of music. If you are interested in going with a friend or a sibling/cousin that you happen to live close to, you can also do that! I sounded so bad at the beginning of my journey in piano, and I still do sometimes, but because of the amazing teaching techniques that the instructors provide, I got better, fast! It doesn’t matter what level you’re on, the teachers are all open to teaching different levels of students.

Tvesha Patel ’27, Staff Writer