Thank You Seniors: Lily Wei


A born leader, a competitive runner, a skilled mountain climber, a driven executive student government leader, an awarded academic. All titles belonging to the one and only Lily Wei, a member of this year’s graduating Class of 2020. In honour of her service to the Looking Glass and the whole school, this is a thank you and a send to Lily for all she has done at Montrose.

Sophomore and Junior year, Lily became a committed track and cross country star who always cared for her team. Track was one of her favorite activities at Montrose, and she has run with Montrose’s teams with enthusiasm and devotion to her craft. She is beloved by her teammates for her perseverance to compete and her unbounded support for the team. She quickly assumed the title of co-team captain because of dedication. Here are some words of love from the track team.

Gabriella Bachiochi ’21, co-captain, commented:  “I loved running with Lily. She has an inner drive but also an outward support for all of her teammates. She would constantly check in on me in school too! And I could tell that she truly cared how I was doing.”

Kasey Corra ‘22 said: “Lily was such a quiet leader on our team from the beginning; she is so fierce. I remember her finishing a big race only to rush to the Student Government movie night, and sacrificing her junior prom to run the 3k (probably the most grueling track event) at NEPSTA championships.”

Sarah Ohaegbulam ‘23 remarked: “Lily is really sweet and supportive to everyone, especially in track and cross country. I’ll miss having her on the team.”

Everyone on the team felt like she genuinely cared and supported them, while also providing a “fierce” example to follow. 

Maevis Fahey ‘21 said:  “I really respect how dedicated she is to cross country and track and how she never stops talking about it! She’s constantly training and mountain climbing in the summers.”

As Maevis said, Lily also has a passion for mountain climbing which is truly a sport for persevering people. 

Ms. Forsgard said: “Lily Wei is fearless. I wasn’t surprised when I learned that she was a very skilled technical mountain climber – she had already displayed her grit and calm determination to tackle the most difficult courses and extracurriculars.”

That virtue of fearlessness  is also portrayed in Model UN where she quickly assumed a leadership position.

Ms. Forsgard continued: “She advanced from novice Model United Nations delegate to President of the club, learning from every experience and sharing her skills and enthusiasm.”

In Model UN, she graciously accepted the position of co-president next to Maevis ‘21 who said:  “Lily and I both joined Model UN around the same time and went to our first conference together two years ago. She made me feel so much more relaxed going into the experience because she had a cheery attitude and just wanted to try it out. We both ended up leading the club the next year which was pretty awesome.” 

Lily is a born leader as you can tell by her fearless attitude and ongoing perseverance for greater things. Last school year, she was a Student Government representative as Executive Treasurer where she left her mark on the Montrose community. I remember her speech being humorous and heartwarming, winning her the election. Her dedication to her craft is shown in this article in which she wrote about her experience being treasurer and working with the three other elected executives whom she loved.

In addition to being a leader in her extracurriculars, she also excelled in academics. Throughout her Montrose career, she won many well earned awards for her dedication and hard work in her classes receiving academic achievement awards for math, science, and more. Just last year, she won awards in AP Computer science as well as The Worcester Polytechnic Institute Stem Leadership Award. She also received high honours and The Rensselaer Medal in The Society of Women Engineers’ Certificates of Merit. 

Ms Forsgard commented again: “Lily is innately curious and interested in ideas and people – qualities that contribute to her leadership success.”Lily’s commitment to the newspaper as the features section editor for the past two years has meant so much to not only the Looking Glass community, but also the entire Montrose community who she reached through the newspaper. Lily Wei has been a lot of things to her fellow Montrosians, a friend, mentor, teammate, leader, but none of that compares to what she will become in the following years of her life and beyond. So as we let her go to explore new corners of the world with her undying curiosity, we remember not only her legacy and achievements, but also, and most importantly, her love and friendship.


The Looking Glass

Elyza Tuan ’23, Clubs and Classes Editor