Ode to Spring

Spectacular Spring, I hear your bells ring, I see your lively light

You chirp, sing, and dance, wisely waking the sullen stream where the birds will go prance

Lovely lighting a spark, floating like a lark, leading your love in the bitter biting barren night

Like a strong lance you will bring your radiant romance  


Up the magical valley to the calm church and a quiet home you will wistfully whistle

Blessing every seed of your breed with your warm delectable drizzle from Bedford to Bristol


So spring is finally here as the sweet summer is drawing near

When you approach I no longer feel shabby and shear

Then you reproach all  the winter’s dreaded fear

If you only knew how I behold you with your daffodils dear

I am no longer alone in the dreary dark

My heart sparks singing like a loving lark

Always springing to bringing your marvelous mark


As I solemnly sit by your faithful fragrant flowers for hours

I see your gold bringing a sight to behold

Your wondrous waters in a sunny stream trickling

A flower lighted by a bold beam glistening

A calm cricket leans and learns to be listening

A butterfly joyfully journeying to its utopian unknown

Polishing a pathway to wander and roam

A rabbit who knows not the cares of life

Calmly caresses his lovely wife

My head sitting on a singing bed of foam

That you know the wonders of alone


A soft-spoken voice 

Begins to rejoice

Knowing at least

They can count on your peace


I can no longer feel my sullen and sour woes

As your radiant beams warm my toes

Gracefully guiding the radiant rising dew 

I try to quantify my joy as a cullen cuckoo flies by 

My heart fills with the joy of grace and gratitude to you

To whom next will your lovely light ensue?


A small smiling friend 

Whose subtle smile is like magic

Shall never see happiness end

You boldly brighten all that is tragic


Should I compare you to a little lamp?

Shining bright spreading joy and happiness wherever you sojourn

Small and subtle but still making your stamp

Taking away sadness from those whose hearts burn


Now I can finally go out and play

Without having to worry about the hot summer sun

And enjoy the blue sky that is out today


I can enjoy your vast terrain

To go out and have fun

Without the cold’s pitiless pain


Under your pleasant sky

How I will dread when your time is done

Even the most stubborn pansy can’t be shy


As I walk by the barn on the farm 

 I hear the drizzle tap-tapping

As I see the green grass growing 

I hear the farmer’s chisel crack cracking

And I see the serene stream flowing 


Woosh the wind blows against my face as Aeolus is off to another race

A cardinal jumps off the tree and flies across the lush meadow in search of another mate

A butterfly comes out of its chrysalis, not yet knowing how to imitate its mother’s grace

I can no longer be listless when I see all the beauty you help create


How I seek your love, that comes like a dove

As your new life comes, all the earth succumbs

As I feel your warmth, the wind from the north

Your bluebirds do sing, I hear the bells ring


As the buds begin to bloom, winter’s dark no longer looms

A chick hatches from its egg, A cricket crawls up my leg

A frog jumps across the brook, I wander to take a look

People laughing around a table, resting under the east gable


Someone reading under the shade of your trees

As a kite flies freely by

Children in an open field who laugh and tease

I can’t help to wonder why



How I anticipate you and all the little pleasures you brilliantly bring 

A fine day in May

your wondrous colors that light up my heart like a rose 

I no longer feel like I’m living in a world of petty prose

A  time of  renewal the air  fruitfully fresh

I am no longer caught in the messy mesh

Do you know how much joy you bring, oh wondrous Spring?


Tulips opening, a splendid walk in the park

I no longer feel like I’m living in the dark 

The sound of chimes and bells going ding ding

The way the luckiest loving little bird will sing

A true love’s awakening, what more can you bring?

These are just some of the pretty pleasant pleasures you bring oh my joyous spring

Gabriella Danseraeu ’26, Staff Writer