My Father/Daughter Drive-In Experience


(Credit: The Novack Family)

The Montrose Parent Guild has done an amazing job adapting all of our mother-daughter and father-daughter traditions to be more COVID friendly. This year, the Montrose Parent Guild hosted a drive-in movie in our very own parking lot to celebrate fathers and daughters.

When we first got the invitation, my dad and I were thrilled to attend. During quarantine, one of the things we did to entertain ourselves was going to drive-in movies. On my dad’s birthday, we surprised him and took him to see The Goonies and Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Mendon Drive-In. My dad is a huge fan of movies. We’re talking three or four hundred movies stacked up in our small hallway closet in our basement! You could probably imagine the smile on his face when we were at the drive-in. My family also attended a drive-in on Halloween night in the twenty degree weather to see Hocus Pocus, one of our favorite Halloween movies. 

On Thursday night, my dad and I packed a bag filled with blankets, pajama pants, sweatshirts, and the drive-in essential: a transistor radio. On Friday, I was counting down the minutes until my dad and I got to spend time together. When classes ended, I met him in the parking lot. There he was with a pizza, popcorn, gummy bears, cola bears, and so much more candy. The candy my dad had bought was obviously breaking the orthodontists’s rules. You could imagine my mom’s reaction when she saw what my dad bought at the store. We planned to sit outside to watch the movie. My dad insisted on it, but I wanted to sit in the car— which is what we ended up doing. The movie, A League Of Their Own, began at 6:00. A League Of Their Own is based on the true story of a women’s baseball team during World War II. An owner of a large chocolate bar company drafts 64 women to become part of an all women’s baseball league. We see these women playing baseball and having fun during the duration of the war. These athletes broke many barriers for women in sports. When you watch a movie with my dad, you will get commentary on the actors, where the actors are from, and a lot of laughs. This experience is one I enjoy enduring almost every weekend. We also discussed Geena Davis and how she went to my dad’s alma mater, Boston University. He always loves it when the actors have a personal connection with him.

These father-daughter events that take place at Montrose help girls bond with their dads. I loved when Dr. Bohlin would speak to us at the standard bagel breakfasts. She always reminds us that even though we may not always love to chat with our dads in the car or explain to them in full detail how our day went, we still should take the time to thank them for all that they do and love them endlessly. 

I love my dad so very much, and I loved being able time to spend with him. The Montrose Parent Guild pulled off yet another successful event that many Montrosians and their fathers loved! 

Kate Novack ’24