A Senior Year of Gratitude


Adam Richins

Looking Glass Editor-in-Chiefs reflect on their senior year during Thanksgiving week.

As we’ve forged our way through college applications and AP classes, we often forget that we’re in the middle of our final months at Montrose. The senior class has already experienced our last first day, our last fall-season sports games, and our last Homecoming. In the next month alone, we’ll go through our last time celebrating Christmas with our classmates through various Montrose traditions (after Thanksgiving is over of course).

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for what you have and appreciate what’s around you. Since we’ve arrived at Montrose in our freshman year, we’ve found so much more to be grateful for. Montrose has given us the resources to start new clubs, explore our interests, and make lifelong memories. Through the endless support of our dedicated faculty and parents, the senior class has had a historic sports season, global scholarships, and National Merit finalists. But most of all, we’ve had the opportunity to experience our senior year with the entire Montrose community surrounding us. 

We cannot thank teachers enough for being so mindful of our daily stress and accommodating to a busy college application season. As a result, we have had the ability to balance our work with spending time with our best friends. With the support of our parents — from driving 4 hours a day to and from Montrose to constantly restocking the senior commons fridge — we are able to have a full Montrose experience. Montrose has catered to each of our talents, skills, and needs for almost 4 years and we have all grown to be the women we are today as a product.

Thank you Montrose for being a second home for us and we truly cannot wait to enjoy the next few months. As Jenn Uche ‘22 put it: “I’m so grateful for my friends and teachers that are like family to me! Don’t forget to support the petition to allow students to have a Thanksgiving cookout during class time!”


Erica Brown ‘22 and Spandana Vagwala ‘22, Co-Editors in Chief

22ebrown@montroseschool.org, 22svagwala@montroseschool.org