The 2023 March for Life

A birds-eye view of the 2023 March for Life

Liesl-Ann Vaz ’25

A bird’s-eye view of the 2023 March for Life

From baby strollers with little ones sleeping inside to older people with white hair, the March for Life brought together people of all ages, cultures, and stories. 

For months, the Respect Life Club spent many Student Life blocks and lunches planning for the march and understanding why we need to support expecting mothers along with their babies, those looking into physician-assisted suicide, the disabled, and many more. Many questions were asked and clarified but one of the most asked was: “Why do we still march? Wasn’t Roe overturned?”

With the victorious win of Roe being overturned, many spirits within the pro-life movement have been higher, but our work is still far from being done. Instead of the government saying a woman could end her pregnancy at any point, the decision will be up to the states. This is a step closer to making sure abortion will never be thought of as a human right anymore. While some states have implemented more restrictions, thirty-seven states have voted to allow the woman to terminate her pregnancy (including Massachusetts). So, we march to the U.S. Capitol Building to show our support for not only making abortion illegal but unthinkable. 

Although the trip to Washington D.C. is exciting, the girls sacrificed sleep and the struggles from waiting to eat lunch or walking many miles with shoes certainly not made for walking. The trip taught maturity since all girls held responsibility in representing Montrose and using our voices when others could not use theirs. When walking, girls saw heart-tearing signs like “Mother From Rape, I Love My Child” to some that made us laugh like “Yo Mama So Good She Kept Her Baby.” Oakcrest also joined in the march and many friendships blossomed. 

We are all so grateful to join our friends to express our opinions and show our support. But, thanks to Mrs. Rose, we were also able to become more educated by attending the conferences Life Fest and National Pro-Life Summit. We heard many speakers like Abby Johnson and even women who worked in the industry themselves. Now, we are more aware of protecting life not just because religion tells us so but also due to the science which supports our cause. 

So next year, if you want to use your voice for those who can’t but also bond with your school sisters, join us at The March for Life. Also, check us out in the March for Life 2023 video made by the nationally known organization, Students for Life, provided below (time: 1:29 and 2:17).


by Monica Ronayne ’25, Contributing Writer