Junior Ring Ceremony

Students, family, and faculty turned the juniors rings at the Junior Ring Ceremony.

Adam Richins

Students, family, and faculty turned the juniors’ rings at the Junior Ring Ceremony.

On Thursday, March second, the Montrose class of 2024 got to receive their junior class rings in front of their parents and the entire student body. We received our rings after a great ceremony. First, however, was the stress that came with getting ready. The one downside to wearing a uniform, at least in my experience, is that I’ve pretty much forgotten how to pick an outfit. Somehow, I did manage to throw something together the night before around 9:00 P.M. (advice: don’t wait until the last minute to construct a fancy outfit.) That morning, I got into my outfit, did my hair and makeup, and also put on my press-on nails before proceeding to leave the house and head to school twenty-five minutes behind schedule, barely making it to my first period class, physics, on time. After first period, the Montrose student body gathered in the Chapel for All-School Mass. As the lector for that day’s Mass, it was definitely nerve-wracking to be lectoring in front of the entire school, along with all of my classmates’ parents, but it was still a very cool experience that helped me grow as a lector. 

After Mass, everyone made their way to the chapel for the official junior ring ceremony. All of us juniors collected on the risers in our dresses and heels as the students and parents filed into the gym. The ceremony began with the National Anthem, sung by the Treblemakers, Montrose’s upper-school a-capella group, led by physics teacher Mrs. Wanner ‘12. Afterwards, senior class-president Alice Quinn ‘23 introduced Montrose-alumna speaker Megan Albertson ’16, before Head of Upper School Mrs. Whitlock gave her speech on sisterhood, with many “Amens” throughout. 

Adam Richins

Finally, it was the time that we’d all been waiting for: time to receive our rings. One by one, each of us were called up to receive our rings. Our grade-level mentors, Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Silveyra, and Mrs. Pajak got to do the honors of assisting. We received the ring box from Mrs. Whitlock, got our photos taken with her, then proceeded to receive a rose from a current senior.

Mrs. Elrod joins the ring-turning line.
Juniors and seniors proudly display their class rings. (Adam Richins)










After each of the thirty-seven juniors received their ring, it was time for us to line up so the upper schoolers could each turn our rings. In Montrose superstition, our rings must be turned one-hundred-twenty-three times before graduation, when we’ll turn our rings for the final time. Once the underclassmen and other students departed, the juniors, seniors, and parents partook in a reception, which consisted of pastry, and coffee. Overall, the day was very fun, and a great way to celebrate the transfer of leadership from the class of 2023 to the class of 2024!

Adam Richins

By Kristina Klauzinski ‘24, Assistant Sports Editor