What Not to Do at Semi


Wow! Montrosians going to a dance with all these… boys?! Semi is a wonderful event that everyone enjoys, so don’t stress! There are countless embarrassing stories that the rest of my class have shared such as dress malfunctions, not owning any shoes besides penny loafers, having a date that just won’t talk, and so much more. We have learned from these experiences and cannot wait to share it with you to make your semi experience that much better!

First of all, there is nothing to be worried about. You will be happy with all your friends! Hopefully you know your date; but, if not, this is a great time for you to get to know him. Don’t be silly, just have fun and be yourself. Also, it’s not too late to hang out before the big night so you feel more comfortable with him.

If a song comes on and it is just YOUR JAM, sing it out! Don’t be afraid to jump up and down, dance, and sing–even if it is that kind of singing that sounds more like screaming; that’s okay (as long as it is not the slow song)! Please do yourself a favor and don’t scream during the slow song; you’ll likely regret it later. The slow song doesn’t last long, so don’t be afraid to awkwardly sway with your date for about 90 seconds.

If a song comes on that you have never even heard of, just jump. Everyone jumps nearly the whole time. However, when you are jumping, do yourself a favor and take off your heels; your calves will thank you in the morning. Also, no one wants the top of a foot speared by a shoe or — the worst thing that could happen — a blister the size of a quarter.

Dinner is always good for conversation. However, no conversation when your mouth is full, please. If you don’t know what to say to your date … After you finish chewing and have checked to make sure you don’t look like Heath Ledger as the Joker with spaghetti sauce on your mouth, just talk about the food. You can always ask your date about what he likes. Also, maybe practice your eating etiquette before semi so you don’t end up with broccoli in your teeth for the pictures; that’s never cute.  

Overall, semi is one of the best nights of the school year, so take advantage of it! You are guaranteed to have an amazing night; and, if not, that’s just more funny stories to tell later.

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