Thanksgiving in a Big Family


Thanksgiving with a big family is great. In our two families we do many things differently and the same. You can just look around the table and  you are thankful that everyone in your family is there right then. Together. Being a big, happy, sweaty, loud family.

Now, no matter how many similarities we have, there are still some differences. One thing that is different is that in the Cahill Farella family they rotate where they go every year. But in the Marcucci house we always go to Connecticut and we stay at our grandparents house. Another thing is that in Celia’s family, they get together with the Mom’s side. But Josephine goes with the Dad’s side. As you can see, there are many differences in the way that we spend Thanksgiving. But in the end what matters is that we are all having a good time!

Now we will tell you about the similarities. We both go to/watch football games. Josephine’s grandfather is the recently retired head coach of the football team for Notre Dame High School. But of course the Marcucci’s will still go to the game, it just might be a little different this year. Now when you are not the football player, it is important to be the cheerleader! We may just sit on the sidelines cheering on each team.

Food. This may be one of the most important things of all in this big family extravaganza. After a nice sweet prayer we all dive into our food as if nothing else in the world matters. Also, food is one of the most stressful things about Thanksgiving with kids setting the table, dads slicing the potatoes and moms running around frantically making sure everything is perfect. Not only that but in a big family you have to make sure you have enough food for everyone. Whether they like it or not, whether you are wondering who made some of the awful cranberry sauce, you still eat it. The teenagers don’t even care what is on their plate, if it’s food they eat it.

“My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the food and spending time with my family making the food” said Theresa Marcucci ’23, and when asked what her favorite part of Thanksgiving she said, “ I love how we all get to see each other and to spend quality time with my family.” In the Marcucci house, Josie explains: “My grandma makes the whole meal with help from the entire family, young and old. The little ones help using little kitty knives sitting in their highchairs while the older ones help with the cooking. One of the things that we help with is the applesauce. Everyone gathers around a little table and slices all of the apples. There is probably at most 9 pounds of apples! Then we make the stuffing with her because she makes it from scratch. She buys a lot of bread and we help break it apart. Then my grandma adds her magic to make it taste so good! We only really help her with those two things, yet she makes a lot more. My older sister Maddie ‘19 says, “Thanksgiving at the Marcucci house is a labor of love by my Nana. She still has us over every year even as our families size multiplies, and she always does it with joy. She has always been a great example to all of us, but especially on Thanksgiving.” 

There are also some differences that you may not think of when it comes to changes every Thanksgiving. In the Cahill Farella clan we got a dog, ( which took a long time to fight for) so now we have another eyeing our food. We also have a family that has recently moved to Ireland so of course Thanksgiving won’t be the same without them. Now, forwarding to the Marcucci’s, they have a new addition of triplets which just means more screaming, crying and runny noses.

Thanksgiving in a big family is awesome! You have so much fun with all of your siblings and extended family that you forget about school and your troubles. It is a great time that you relax after the first months of school which can definitely be stressful. Taking in all the new changes, we still love Thanksgiving with our big families and we would never, ever want to change the way we spend Thanksgiving. (Even if we say they are annoying they are still the best!) Happy Thanksgiving!