Cover Your Nose! Covid-19 Protocols

Students participate in Mrs. Bakers class while adhering to Covid-19 protocols.

Adam Richins Photography

Students participate in Mrs. Baker’s class while adhering to Covid-19 protocols.

Staying distanced away from a buddy can be rough. Not only that, but having to always keep a mask on and above the nose is also a struggle. All these restrictions that came with Covid-19 are difficult; however, nobody ever said a pandemic would be easy. Even with all these constraints, students can still have fun and hang out with those whom we hold dear and love (not that many students don’t already). Surprise! Students won’t always have to keep their masks on with the mask breaks administered by Montrose faculty. 

Whenever students go outside, they don’t have to wear a mask. Keeping masks on indoors and taking them off outdoors is a healthy alternative break! If a student were to experience any illnesses, vaccinated or unvaccinated, they should stay home and take a Covid-19 test. If they tested positive, they should stay home and isolate for 10 days. Afterward, the student may return to school if she has no fever and her illness symptoms have decreased. In Montrose classrooms, students are to be separated three feet from one another. 

Raquel del Rio Vicario ‘25 commented on this rule, saying: “I really like the school’s adherence to the protocols even now, like how teachers still remind people to have their masks fully up or the three-feet apart seats in both Mass and Enrichment.”  Staying very positive on the matter, she then added: “This is what kept our school Covid-free and able to function in person since August 2020, only five months after the pandemic!” Other students like Raquel seem to not mind the regulations required by the virus. Liesl-Ann Vaz ‘25 happily stated: “There isn’t anything I dislike about the protocols! I think they’re really great and will allow for so many more amazing Montrose traditions that we couldn’t have last year!” Finally, our school nurse Mrs. Rose stated her final thought of how the girls at Montrose are doing with these regulations. She says that maintaining and upholding these protocols is not much of a challenge for these girls as they strive to improve the way they carry out the regulations and help each other improve.

Upholding these regulations and following them allows the whole school to be happy and healthy. If Montrose always does its absolute best to incorporate students into socializing and being near each other, shouldn’t everybody do their best as well? Respecting Montrose faculty’s hard work for their ideals of how to stay healthy and clean will help all students to work towards similar prospects and stay healthy. 


Whitney Uche ’25, Contributing Writer