Movie Review: Rogue One – A Star Wars Story

Movie Review: Rogue One - A Star Wars Story

Elizabeth Ling '18

From action-packed battle sequences to engaging new characters, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story surpassed audience expectations and added a new dimension to the original Star Wars universe. I’ll be honest. I was at first skeptical about the addition of a new Star Wars movie because I thought it might take away the from the grandeur of the original trilogy. However, after watching it in theaters, Rogue One surprised me and has become my favorite of all the Star Wars movies — and I knew I had to go see it again. Unlike the light-hearted original trilogy, Rogue One takes a darker turn.

The movie sets the stage for A New Hope (the first Star Wars movie to be released). Felicity Jones stars as Jyn Erso, the daughter of the Death Star’s creator. Viewers follow Jyn as she teams up with rebel alliance captain Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and his witty droid K2-SO (Alan Tudyk). Together, they unite with unlikely followers to capture the plans of the Death Star and to ultimately find the weakness of the evil Empire. In doing so, the characters learn to trust each other despite their diverse backgrounds.

Hardcore Star Wars fans will not be disappointed. Throughout the movie, hidden easter eggs drop references to other events in the Star Wars cinematic universe. Some surprise appearances from the original trilogy include C-3PO, R2-D2, Princess Leia, Grand Moff Tarkin, and, of course, Darth Vader. Vader, as he uses his signature “force choke,” drops a double-pun that fans all over the world will be repeating, “Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director.”

Rogue One mainly focuses on the Rebel Alliance and is the only Star Wars movie not to include a single Jedi. Jyn Erso proves to be a strong feminine character, and for that reason alone, I would suggest Montrosians watch Rogue One. Throughout the movie, Jyn struggles to gain respect from her authorities and ultimately discovers that sometimes action needs to be taken immediately to get a job done. Under her command, her friends discover a new found hope in the rebellion and a cause to fight for again.

Whether you love sci-fi action movies or not, Rogue One is a movie that all ages, people and space creatures will love. Although Rogue One contains tragic elements that may twist your heart strings, the movie ends on a hopeful note that will leave audiences repeating, “I am one with the force, and the force is with me.”