Fr. Dick’s Big Day: Celebrating 89 Years of Life and 35 Years of Montrose

Katrin O'Grady '15

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On Friday November 7th, Montrose jumped into several traditional festivities to celebrate the birthday of our beloved Chaplain, Fr. Richard Rieman. The morning started with a father daughter bagel breakfast generously hosted by several parent volunteers. Students and faculty, then, participated in an all-school mass celebrated by Fr. Dick and Fr. Joe as well as Fr. Kiely from St. Patrick’s Church in Natick.

After Mass, the everyone gathered in the cafeteria to sing happy birthday and partake in some delicious birthday cake. Every class, along with the faculty, made Fr. Dick a birthday card and presented it to him.

Many of Fr. Dick’s old friends from the start of Montrose came to join in the event, some with daughters who graduated from the school and some with grandkids who will attend soon! Dr. Bohlin rightfully introduced them as “,Montrose past, present, and future.” It’s safe to say that surrounded by his friends and the Montrose community on Montrose’s permanent campus, Fr. Dick had a wonderful 89th birthday.

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