Montrose Students Speak: Survey on Luck

Mariel Rosati '19

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With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, we thought we’d asked the student body for opinions on luck.  After asking the Montrose student body the question, “Do you believe in superstition or luck?” in a survey, we found that about 57% of the participants expressed a belief in luck and superstition. This is a sampling of some of the responses we received.

  • “Yes, for my volleyball serve.” Catherine Melley ‘16
  • “No, I joke about it.” – Giulia Rozzo ‘19
  • “I have a lucky Patriot’s hat that I’ll wear before games.” – Bella Rinaldi ‘19
  • “Yes, I turn the buckle on my shoe for good luck before a test.” – Katherine Flynn ‘21
  • “The first thing I say on the first day of every month has to be ‘rabbit rabbit’” – Abby McAvoy ‘19
  • “Depends…” – Brooke Harrison ‘19
  • “Not really, but I always step on the first and last step of a stairwell with my left foot.” – MaryGrace King ‘16
  • “I never open umbrellas indoors.” – Francesca Dyke ‘18
  • “I guess, sometimes. I have a lucky shirt.” – Anna Rose ‘22
  • “I have found seventeen four-leaf clovers since second grade.” – Yvonne Niebuhr ‘18
  • “Sort of, I am Ana’s luck charm.” – Mari Kouyoumjian ‘22
  • “I have one bracelet that I don’t perform without.” – Molly Cahill ‘16
  • “Lucky chicken wings for the Pats game.” – Ava Flynn ‘22
  • Not really.” – Shannon Rose ‘17
  • “Only jokingly, I’ll make a wish at 11:11 for fun.” – Izzi Frank ‘19