Don’t Miss the Middle School Musical: Twelve Dancing Princesses – Nov 17 & 18 at 7 PM


Carrie Miklus ‘24, Staff Writer

Are you excited for this year’s middle school musical? Well, you should be! This year, the middle school is performing The Twelve Dancing Princesses as our show. I, personally, am in it, and I love the experience. Make plans with friends for Friday or Saturday’s performances – 7 PM each night.

Members of the cast and people coming to watch it are very excited. Helen Olohan ‘24 said, “Being in the musical is so fun. I like hanging out with friends right after school, especially making our ‘Starbucks runs’ right after school.”

The show is about twelve princesses who love to dance. However, their father forbids them to dance because dancing reminds him of his wife, the queen, who is dead. Every night, the princesses go through a portal where they dance through the night. Their father does not know where they are going and is very worried. One day he decides to declare a proclamation. He announces that whoever finds out the secret will receive their heart’s desire and eight bags of gold. A person visits the next day, and his name is the Prince of Arrogahnz. He is unlucky, however, in figuring out the princesses’ secret. Then, a commoner comes, whose name is Matthew. On his way to the castle, he is stopped by the princess’ mother: a spirit. She gives him an invisibility cloak so that he will be able to follow the princesses.

I am not going to spoil anything, though, so I will not say more. You have to come to the show on Friday, November 17 at 7 PM and/or Saturday, November 18 at 7 PM! Admissions is free.