Words on “It’s a Wonderful Life”


Bezawit O'Neill '23, Faith Editor

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without you? To such a question most people replied: “Well I’m just one small person, I don’t make much of a difference” and “I’m not famous or anything, so I mean it wouldn’t really matter whether I were here or not.” As you are reading this you, too, may be thinking something along those lines, but that’s because you don’t realize how many lives you touch as you go about your normal day. It’s strange how one man’s life touches others so much that when he isn’t around, it leaves an awful hole.

As a long-standing Christmas tradition, my family and I, on Christmas Eve, watch the movie It’s A Wonderful Life. It’s also a long standing tradition that my mum and I cry. The story is about a man named George Bailey, who runs the Building And Loan business, which he took over when his father suddenly died of a stroke. Geroge spends most of his life helping others and building Bailey’s park to benefit those who don’t have a lot of money to pay for rent. However, things begin to go wrong on Christmas Eve when George’s absent minded Uncle Billy loses a large sum of money. If the money isn’t found, George will be charged of scandal, go to jail, and lose his business to Mr. Potter, the meanest man in town. Lost in his depression, and panic, George wishes out loud that he had never been born. As George soon finds out, wishes do come true, and his most certainly do. 

Filled with love, friendship, and family, It’s A Wonderful Life is the perfect movie to watch during Christmas. It will fill your heart with pure joy and make you really think about the value of true friendship and the beautiful gift of life. This movie is definitely a must see.