Remembering Elizabeth Schickel through Service in Uganda


Anna Noon '19, Contributing Writer

February 12 is the anniversary of the passing of two beloved alumnae, Elizabeth Schickel and Dary Jacob ‘05. Although some current students at Montrose never had the pleasure of meeting them in person, they remain deep in our prayers and serve as inspiration for our intercessions.  Their influence of strength and love during the hardest times inspires the hearts of Montrosians. They opened each students eyes with their virtuous acts, when it would be much easier to be bitter with life’s hardships. They were  remember in the Mass at Montrose on February 12, which marked Dary’s twelfth and Elizabeth’s fourth anniversary of their passing.

Elizabeth remains recognized for her incredible character. Even Montrose students who don’t know her speak highly of her. Ayana Murphy ‘19 said: “the first thing anyone says about her is her kind heart and selflessness…that’s what she’s known for.”

Inspired by Elizabeth’s example, Mr. Schickel shared Elizabeth’s heroic, grace-filled battle with cancer with a priest from Uganda. This priest decided that he wanted to honor her name and story through a Nursery School in Uganda. In 2016, the Elizabeth Schickel Nursery School was built in Buchunya, Uganda, which serves over 100 children. Children in the Elizabeth Schickel Nursery School look up to Elizabeth with immense gratitude and admire her dedication to God. Watch Elizabeth’s Story and the building of this nursery school in her honor.

Currently and throughout February vacation, there will be bins in the front foyer and by the upper school lockers where all Montrosians, friends, and family can donate. The Nursery School needs teacher materials, monetary donations, frisbees, lightweight toys (non-chokable), rubber shoes (like crocs), deflated soccer balls, jump ropes, crayons, pencils, and chalk.

You can also donate to the school in Buchunya through the ‘Elizabeth Schickel Foundation’ by dropping off a check at the front desk or by donating online at  All donations are greatly appreciated. Your contributions to  by the Schickel family and all those who live and work at the Elizabeth Schickel Nursery School in Uganda because they are given the children in need directly or used to provide daily lunches (porridge) and other desperately needed items. Mrs. Schickel said: “Thank you for your prayers and support for such a worthy cause.”