Features: Hana Shinzawa ’24


(Credit: Adam Richins Photography)

Cecilia Ashenuga '24, Staff Writer

You might see her quietly walking down the halls, but behind the mask and the retro Reeboks is a smart, humble girl.  We are talking about Hana Shinzawa — the writer, the runner, and the seamstress extraordinaire.  Hana is always enthusiastic to help a friend out and check over my math homework, and trust me, that happens often. Ava Ryan ‘23 said: “Hana will sometimes help me with my homework. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be the other way around, but there is literally no subject that she isn’t brilliant at.”  Hana lives on the street behind mine, and we have been friends since we went to kindergarten together.  In our kindergarten class, I was never able to open my fruit cups, so Hana, who mastered the art of peeling back the clear plastic lids, would do it for me every day. She is also one of the most capable people I have ever met. For my birthday this summer, she embroidered two hoodies and painted lighting bolts on a pair of sweatpants. If Hana was your Secret Santa this year, you have seen her sewing capabilities firsthand. On the first Secret Santa day, she didn’t have a gift bag so she sewed one herself. 

Hana is also one of the most determined people, who will overcome any obstacles. In 7th grade, Hana had horrible shin pain and constantly had an ice pack on her leg. This didn’t stop her from continuing to run for the cross country team. Later, she learned that she has a small stress fracture and shin splints.  Even though her recovery time was long, she continued to exercise and build her strength. Hana was a very hardworking participant during physical therapy. After months of physical therapy, she is back to running. Kasey Corra ‘22 said: “Hana’s done a really good job dealing with an injury in the past, and she’s always at practice, even if she can’t run.” Sometimes she will still experience pain when she runs, but she has a great attitude and a thankful heart. During her runs, you can even see her counting the prayers of the rosary on her fingers as she runs. 

 Hana is always working on a new project or hobby. One project Hana has gotten into recently is making a Harry Styles sweater. After knitting and sewing since September, she finally finished the intricate patchwork sweater.  Another thing Hana has become involved in is the Looking Glass newspaper. After being asked numerous times by Mrs. Whitlock, she finally conceded and went on to write her very first article the next week. 

Behind her unassuming facade are a creative mind, a kind heart, and a determined spirit.

Liana Petruzziello ‘24 said: “Hana is an amazing friend and a very easy person to get along with. She might not be the class clown, but, when she cracks a joke, she has the whole room laughing.”  I could go on for ages about why Hana is an impressive person, and I bet that anyone else who knows her could do the same. 


Cecilia Ashenuga ‘24, Staff Writer