When Calls The Heart: Dramatic Finale?

Kate Novack '24, Middle School Editor

I don’t know about you but I am kind of a history freak. I love learning about different time periods and the people who lived in them. One of my favorite periods is the early 1900’s. Another thing — I am a freak about is Hallmark Channel. They have amazing Christmas and seasonal themed movies. There is a show on the channel that combines my love for history and my favorite channel: When Calls the Heart. We follow the story of Elizabeth Thatcher, a schoolteacher from a wealthy family who moves to a mining town that has lost many of their townsfolk to a mining disaster. That mining town, which she hesitates to love at first, becomes the place where she gets married, has children, grows new friendships, and more. 

One of the elements I love about the show is all of the relationships the characters form, whether they be romantic or friendly relationships. The owner of the saw mill, Lee Colter, comes to town early in the show after the disaster. He marries Elizabeth’s husband’s ex girlfriend, Rosemary Levoe. After Elizabeth loses her husband, Jack Thatcher, a Royal Canadian Mountie,  in a mining accident, the couple comforts Elizabeth. They also help a great deal when Elizabeth has her son, Jack, and they become his godparents. So far in the season, Rosemary has not been able to have children and Jack is like her son. My “When Calls the Heart intuition” tells me that she will be able to have a child in the next season. Both Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith, the actors who play Rosemary and Lee, said: “Having a baby on the show would be a great next evolution for this amazing family.” Kavan Smith said: “It is hard to figure out the right way to go…We already have a baby on the show. Do we bring another one?” I say yes.

I am a stickler for romantic comedies or general books or shows that have romance in them. Let me say that this show has so much sweet romance in it. Elizabeth’s first love was Jack Thatcher. They created such a special bond together but when he was killed at a Mountie training camp, Elizabeth had to cope with the loss. In the newest season of the show, Elizabeth meets two lovely men, Lucas and Nathan, who both love Elizabeth. They compete to see who can buy her the better gifts or who can take her out to the nicest restaurant. When my mom and I watch the show every Sunday night, we scream at the television, “Pick Nathan, Pick Nathan!” There is something about Nathan that is reminiscent of Jack. In my mom’s expert opinion, she thinks that Elizabeth is scared to commit to another relationship with a mountie. Elizabeth is afraid that she will lose another one. On the other hand, Lucas is the owner of the bar in town. He tries to charm Elizabeth with her interest in books and writing by building a library in town and taking her to a book signing of her favorite author. I personally don’t like him that much. They both are great men but at the end of the season, Rosemary suggests that Elizabeth should choose.

The season finale shocked both my mom and me. In the last episode of the show, there is a robbery and Nathan, being the mountie, has to kidnap the man responsible. During the episode, there is a strange woman lurking around town. She turns out to be an ally of the robber and helps him escape by shooting one of the mounties who was escorting him to a larger jail in a nearby city. When they returned to the town, Elizabeth was so afraid because Nathan was one of the men escorting the prisoner to the jail. The doctor in the town, Carson, comes to the scene and examines the body. He proclaims that the victim is dead and Elizabeth and the audience concluded it was Nathan. When Elizabeth turns around, she sees Nathan on his horse. She is filled with joy that she runs to him and embraces him. Of course she does this while Lucas is standing there watching her. Nathan: 1, Lucas: 0. My mom and I both think that every finale of a show leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting more. We think that it should have ended with the doctor examining the body and describing some of Nathan’s features. If they would have ended it there, it would have been a perfect cliffhanger. We would have been wondering, “Did Nathan die or was it one of the other men?” According to the Hallmark Channel, “The beloved period drama ended the season as one of the top scripted dramas on cable in 2020.” To think that my family is one of the 3.6 million people that watched this episode is crazy. The article I read for research called fans of the show “Loyal Hearties.” I am such a Loyal Hearty that I am determined to learn the theme song on my violin. Looks like my mom will be getting me a t-shirt or sweater that says “I’m a Loyal Hearty.”


Kate Novack ’24, Middle School Editor