Walrus: The Life of a Pencil

I am Sergeant Sharp.

I am not like a harp.

I don’t play a tune.

All my subjects fume!


They all hate me

For they can’t debate me!

They are so annoyed with it

They try to run away but only to get bit 

By the so-called ‘pencil sharpener.’


We are staring at blue wall

That is soft, stretchy and tall!

And then comes in a dirty stinky hand

That invades our clean and soft lil’ land


It picks up Tuby Tod 

And throws him down like a ball!

We all scream because we hate balls.

And we don’t want to be the next to fall!


Suddenly Blake blunt edge gets picked up 

And gets dumped in the tub!

He lands with a mighty SPLASH

That makes us jump up so fast!


At last the day is over. 

But there are more dangers, like the lawn mower.

It hums in the distance while a grumpy old man goes cleaning. 

The mower sucks up all the things on the floor, God knows what he is feeling!


VROOMMM comes the noise 

And the smell of chopped wood enters our noses

OH NO! It was Tubby Tod!

He is getting shaved till he’s baled!


We must save him. 

But what can we do to save him?

So do you know what they did to save tubby todd?

Well if it is then tell us quick, for we don’t wanna be bald!


You wanna find out how they save him? Part 2 coming soon…

Tvesha Patel ’27, Contributing Writer