Opinions: The Super Bowl Commercials and Half Time Show

Lucy Elliffe '26, Staff Writer

As we all know, the annual Super Bowl was held on Sunday, February 7th. The two teams opposing each other were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Whoever you were rooting for, I think we all enjoyed watching the commercials and The Weeknd’s performance at the halftime show. 

Commercials: Some of us like watching the actual football game, and some of us find it boring. I think we can all agree, though, that watching the commercials is fun and enjoyable! There were many fun commercials, but here were my friends and family’s favorite ones! “My favorite commercial was Rocket Mortgage: I’m Pretty Sure. I loved this commercial because it had humor!” an anonymous Montrose student said. The Rocket Mortgage: I’m Pretty Sure commercial was super funny. It even started some fan-favorite celebrities such as Tracy Morgan, Dave Bautista & Liza Koshy. I personally love it when we see our favorite celebrities in commercials. Another one of our favorite commercials was the T-Mobile commercial with Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine. “My favorite commercial was The T-Mobile one with Gwen and Blake because I found it really really funny,” said another Montrose student.  “My favorite commercial was the Sam Adams ad. It was really funny. At first you think it’s a Budweiser ad, but then you see the horses running all over the city causing mayhem. It reverts back to a man holding the pin that held all the horses,” a Montrose girl commented. There were many commercials, but these were some of our favorites. 

Half Time Show: This year during the halftime show, pop star The Weeknd performed. In my opinion, The Weekend stole the show. I really enjoyed it. It was the first Super Bowl Halftime Show without a live audience.  I took a poll, and 40% of people said it wasn’t the best. There was a 3 way tie of 20% of people saying they loved it, liked it, or that it was decent. The Weeknd started off the show by singing his popular song “Starboy,” and finishing with his hit single “Blinding Lights.” Instead of doing the performance on the field, The Weeknd chose to do his performance in the stand. So, when performing “Blinding Lights,” himself and 100 dancers dressed as him could dance on the field as a big finale. Overall, I think the Weeknd did an amazing job in the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The Super Bowl was great, and the commercials were amazing. Even though some people might have hoped for a performance more like JLO’s or Maroon 5’s, I think we can all agree that it was an impressive performance.

Lucy Elliffe ’26, Staff Writer