Movie Review: Finding You

Finding You stars Jedidiah Goodacre as Beckett and Rose Reid as Finley.

Finding You stars Jedidiah Goodacre as Beckett and Rose Reid as Finley.

With the end of the year and finals approaching, we all find ourselves with “summer fever.” When I think of the one place that I would like to escape to, the only location that comes to mind is Ireland. My family and I traveled to visit our family there almost two years ago. The Irish scenery I see on television makes me long to go even more. One Irish movie I particularly enjoy is Finding You.

Finding You follows the story of Finley St. Clare (Katherine McNamara), a young, talented violinist who travels to Ireland to take part in an exchange program. Finley has not had all that much luck in her endeavors to find a job. She travels to Ireland to escape the stress and anxiety she has been feeling. On the plane, she meets a famous actor named Beckett Rush. Beckett has been acting for most of his life and has never had the opportunity to enjoy being a normal teenager. Finley helps him to experience that joy in the movie. The connection between these characters is not made instantly. As the movie progresses, their love does too. 

Whenever you watch a movie, one of the elements that grabs your attention is the scenery. In this movie, there are plenty of recognizable spots for people that have been to Ireland. Beckett and Finley travel to the Cliffs of Moher, a set of breathtaking, beautiful cliffs with the backdrop of the ocean. They also fly directly into Shannon airport, the location my family and I arrived in when we traveled to Ireland. Mary Connolly ‘24 said: “I liked the setting of the movie. It made it more memorable and different than other movies that I have watched. You felt like you were there.”

In every romantic comedy, there is bound to be mushy, sad, and joyous moments. While I did feel very captivated, I would argue that the writing was not as satisfactory as other romantic comedies I have seen. Mary thought differently: “It still had a solid storyline. It was generally engaging. It wasn’t just cheesy or funny. It was realistic.” 

Part of Finley’s education requires her to visit Fiona, an older woman in a nursing home. At first, Fiona does not want Finley’s help. Yet Finley grows closer to Fiona, and they share a special bond. The amount of emotion that my row felt during the movie was immense. Whenever I watch a romantic comedy, the moments that always get me are the “meet cute,” when the guy/ girl realizes he/she needs his/her other half, and the final scene. When Beckett drifted away from Finley, I found myself yelling at the screen “Go, run after her!” or “You are making such a big mistake.” In the end, though shifted apart many times, Finley and Beckett reunite in New York after she perfectly lands a job at a conservatory and he goes to college at NYU. The final scene of the movie was absolutely adorable. Because Beckett was never able to go to prom, Finley takes him to her old high school prom, and they have an amazing time.

While Finding You could be considered a poorly written, emotional movie, my friends and I consider it one of the most adorable, captivating movies of 2021. Mary added: “It was nostalgic. It brought in the ties of family and culture.” When you are searching for a movie to watch with the whole family, I suggest that you type this title into your search bar. 

Kate Novack ’24 News Editor