Movie Review: Clifford the Big Red Dog

A movie poster for the 2021 Clifford the Big Red Dog.

A movie poster for the 2021 Clifford the Big Red Dog.

  The classic children’s story Clifford the Big Red Dog was readapted as a live-action movie that came to theaters on November 10. This movie is fun and enjoyable for all ages. However, the plot line might be slightly difficult for younger children to correctly follow. Personally, I thought this movie provides the viewer with many different emotions, especially if you love dogs!     

Although Clifford the Big Red Dog was adapted from the children’s story by Norman Bridwell, the plot is quite different from the original story. To make the viewers more interested and excited about what will happen to the three main characters, Clifford, Emily, and Uncle Casey, the plot becomes more suspenseful, which leads to the story being slightly more difficult for younger kids to follow. 

Not only is this a fun and an interesting watch, but it also gives a good lesson at the end of the day. Emily Elizabeth is a shy ten-year-old who is bullied at her school, and Clifford is a tiny stray dog who has to fight pigeons for food. Emily takes Clifford in, and suddenly when she wakes up, the dog is — well, let’s just say heavy. As Clifford grows physically, Emily grows mentally and learns to stand up for herself and others. All people young and old take away the valuable lesson that at any age or any time, you can grow and learn to stand up for yourself and others.

  Overall, Clifford the Big Red Dog was a great movie that I would highly recommend for all ages.

by Clare Olohan ’28, Staff Writer