Kick Off a Week of Poetry with Original Sonnets from the Middle School

Kick Off a Week of Poetry with Original Sonnets from the Middle School

Forever Friends

By Nina Polansky

I have many forever friends I love,

They are my rocks and make my worries gone.

Even if they don’t look like a fair dove,

Or a most wonderful, elegant swan.

They help me feel better when I am down,

For me, they make the world go ‘round the sun.

Sometimes they are a very silly clown,

Yes, they can reduce my worries to none.

How do they do it, you might ask a lot,

I do not know, they just have a knack.

Right from the beginning my care they got,

When my world was the pitchest, dark, cold, black.

Yes, they are my greatest friends of all time,

They will be with me at my life’s last chime.

Hannah Frank


You are like the sweetest of sweet flowers,

Your beauty overpowers my senses.

I would like to consume you for hours.

For you I would jump over white fences.

You are considerate to my feelings.

You make my meals taste more appetizing.

You make me want to jump onto ceilings.

You are sweet, tasty, and energizing.

I would like to keep you all to myself,

And fly away to an awesome castle

Where we can hide with a wooden bookshelf.

We could knit a hat with a blue tassel.

I wish that all this and more could occur,

But you are just a candy, I am sure.

Gillian Murray

Freely Running

Running through the field like an eagle

I pant just like the strong and proud blood hound

Wishing I could bark like the soft beagle

No one else can hear the motors loud sound

I look up to see the birds in grand flight

Flying over the colossal towers

I wish to reach terrific speed and height

So I harbor our humbly earned hours

But all that time will go by in a blur

So as to tell more you will give me yours

Now my lovely words won’t be in a slur

So I tell you of my adventure tours

Next time will you not join and run with me

I assure you it is fun to be free  

Elyza Tuan


People sing and children play together

Happiness is in the morning flowers

The sun is bright and good is the weather

We hope that we have no sudden showers

And as the time passes some folks suggest

That we should go home after a long day

We must go home and have a good night’s rest

As we are walking home trees bend and sway

We pass the church and enter the graveyard

To visit the people who were once here

The spirits who are present we regard

And those who are not, we pray will draw near

Secretly we put flowers on her grave

And I thank her for everything she gave.

Ava Russo

Friendship like a Rose

All friendship is like a pretty pink rose

At first there’s just a hint of what’s to come

Just like the bud, a brand new friendship grows

Like flowers attract a bee it starts to hum.

So as our friendship grows we’re tickled pink

To make discov’ries as we go along

It is a lot more fun than you might think

Having such a good friend makes one more strong.

The rose plant comes back each and every year

But even though all friendships have their fights

With dew upon their petals like a tear

Yet in the end it will turn out alright

When a rose petal is going to drop

There is no reason for friendships to stop.