This Year’s Academic and Laureate Awards


As we wrap up the year, we celebrate many traditions at Montrose. One of these traditions is recognizing our students’ successes during the past school year at the Laureate and Achievement awards assemblies. At the Laureate assembly, the faculty awards character awards to middle school students, academic awards to upper school students, college book awards to juniors, and commencement awards to seniors. The next day, the Achievement awards recognize the accomplishments of Montrose students within the school and in competitions outside of Montrose.


Here are this year’s Laureate award winners:

Middle School


6th Grade – Josie Marcucci

7th Grade – Isabela Pap

8th Grade – Beza O’Neill



6th grade – Grace Cronin

​7th grade – Chloe Stefani

​8th grade – Julie Baker



6th grade – Keira Pek

​7th grade – Priscilla Wood

​8th grade – Sofia Ortiz and Martha Rueda



6th Grade – Rosie Beard

7th Grade – Meredith Ehrenzeller

8th Grade – Ava Russo and Elyza Tuan


Leadership– special eighth grade award

Sophie Cronin


Upper School


Genres of Literature:   Emma Barry ‘22

British Literature:        Hadleigh Zinsner ‘21

American Literature:    Cam Arthur ‘20

Modern Literature:       Krystal Wu ‘19

AP Language & Composition: Anna Bachiochi ‘20

AP Literature & Composition:  Becky Gillis ‘19



Journalism 9/10:   Emma Judge ‘22 and Jenn Uche ‘22

​Journalism 11/12: Maddie Marcucci ‘19



Western Civilization in a Global Context: Tess Farr ‘22

European History Honors:                     Carol Li ‘21

AP European History:                            Neha Sunkara ‘21

US History Honors:                               Cam Arthur ‘20

AP US History:                                      Maria Schickel ‘20

AP US Government & Politics:              Caroline Churney ‘19



Theology 9:                   Emma Judge

Theology 10:                 Catherine Bettinelli

Theology/Philosophy 11: Anna Bachiochi

Theology/Philosophy 12: Jenna McCarthy



9th grade math:    Spandana Vagwala

10th grade math:  Neha Sunkara

11th grade math:  Lily Wei

12th grade math:  Sofia Conte and Krystal Wu

Computer Science

AP Principles of Computer Science: Carol Li ‘21 and Spandana Vagwala ‘22

AP Computer Science A:                Lily Wei ‘20 and Sarah Ling ‘20



Biology:                     Faith Chen ‘22

Chemistry:                 Hadleigh Zinsner ‘21

Physics:                     Maria Lennon ‘20

Anatomy & Physiology:  Molly Li ‘19

AP Biology:                 Brooke Harrison ‘19

Astronomy:                 Abby McAvoy ‘19



French I:   Erika Torok

​French II:  Ariadna Alemany

​French III: Celia Roberto

​AP French: Addie Harrison



Spanish I:    Bailey Merchant and Bella Convery

​Spanish II:   Gabriella Bachiochi

​Spanish III:  Selena Yang

​AP Spanish:  Caroline Churney



Latin II:     Catherine Olahan

​Latin III:    Hadleigh Zinsner

​Latin IV:     Sarah Ling

​AP Latin:    Nora Cahill and Sofia Conte


Fine Arts

Drawing:                 Kat Devaney ‘21

​Painting:                  Erin Resnick ‘21

​Portfolio Preparation: Naomi Jaenicke ‘20

​Elements of Design: Science & Art: Julia Phillips ‘19

​AP Studio Art 2D:      Molly Li ‘19

Special award “for the student who excelled in the study of art, shared her gifts through instruction, and served as a role model for those in the art department”: Lia Daher ‘19


Upper School Chorus: Andrea Rodriguez-Gomez ‘21


Upper School Phys Ed: Bailey Merchant ‘22


Inspiration Awards

9th Grade:    ​Emma Barry and Tess Farr

10th Grade:      ​Maevis Fahey and Issie Russo

11th Grade:      ​Emily Nelson

12th Grade:      ​Caroline Churney


Junior Book Awards

The Boston College Book Award: Anna Bachiochi

The George Washington University Book Award: Emily Nelson

The Holy Cross Alumni Book Award: Naomi Jaenicke

The Harvard Prize Book: Sophie Kocho

The Jefferson Book Award from the University of Virginia: Celia Roberto

The Saint Michael’s College Book Award for Academic Achievement with a

Social Conscience: Campbell Dumont

The Wellesley College Book Award: Sarah Ling

The Worcester Polytechnic Institute Stem Leadership Award: Lily Wei


Senior Awards

Senior High Honors: Caroline Churney​​, Ann Irwin​​​, Bella Rinaldi, Sofia Conte​​​, Jenna McCarthy, ​​Mariel Rosati, Becky Gillis, ​​​Clare Melley, ​​Krystal Wu


Co-salutatorians: Isabella Rinaldi and Krystal Wu

Valedictorian: Caroline Churney


LifeCompass Award: Kiki Karam

Aimee Alcarez Cowan ‘93 Award for Literary Promise: Becky Gillis

Spirit of Service Award: Nora Cahill and Madeline Marcucci

Headmistress Award for Distinguished Service to the School: Clare Melley

Montrose School Cup Award (the school’s highest honor): Emily Bowman


And now for the Achievement awards!


Out-of-Montrose competitions

Wordwright Competition: Emma Barry ‘22, Erica Brown ‘22, Kasey Corra ‘22, Mary Lou Konradsheim ‘22, and Anna Sheehan ‘21


Poetry Out Loud school competition winner: Maevis Fahey ‘21

POL Runner-up, who attended the district level competition: Carmela Silvia ‘21


English Speaking Union Shakespeare Competition school-wide winner: Jenn Uche ‘22


Medfield Lion’s Club speech competition winners: Maevis Fahey ‘21 and Anna Sheehan ‘21


Letters About Literature

Earning an Honorable Mention in Level II: Hana Shinzawa, for her letter to St. Therese of Liseaux, for her book The Story of a Soul

Earning Honors in Level II: Elizabeth Glaeser, for her letter to C.S. Lewis about The Chronicles of Narnia

Earning Top Honors in Level II: Bezawit O’Neill for her letter to Enid Blyton about her Faraway Tree series


Young Writers’ Stranger Sagas flash fiction competition winners: Elizabeth Glaeser, Isabella Liza, Dasha Nikitina, Victoria Morris, Nina Polansky, Gillian Murray, and Eleanor Peltz

Young Writers’ Poetry Escape free verse competition winners: Isabella Liza, Dasha Nikitina, Gillian Murray, Victoria Morris, and Beza O’Neill


Montrose Middle School Spelling Bee winner: Julie Baker

Runner-up, who competed in the regional level bee: Elizabeth Glaeser


National History Day

District award winners:

Natalie Landry ‘22, Faith Chen ‘22, Jenn Uche ‘22, Mythili Batchu ‘21, Andrea Rodriguez-Gomez ‘21, Hadleigh Zinsner ‘21

Honors recognition at states: Alanna Hyatt ‘22 and Kaleigh Robinson ‘22

Soon to be competing at nationals: Spandana Vagwala ‘22


Most Outstanding Paper of the Year

Grade 9: Spandana Vagwala

Grade 10: Anna Sheehan

Grade 11: Sarah Ling


Senior Capstone Awards

Honorable Mention for Paper:

Demi Katinas “The Role of Technology’s Effect on Happiness”

Molly Li “The Ethics of Germline Editing”

Outstanding Capstone Paper recipient:

Nora Cahill “Gender Disparity in the American Justice System From Arrest to ReEntry, What Women Need is Different”


Honorable Mention for Presentation:

Caroline Churney “The Epidemic of Gun Violence:  Why Our Freedom is Not Unlimited”

Becky Gillis “Let Them Eat Cake:  Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission and the Battle Between Religious Freedom and Discrimination”

Outstanding Capstone Presentation recipient:

Bella Rinaldi “Protecting the Shield: The Future of the NFL with Regards to Concussions”


STEM Awards

MIT Science Trivia Challenge Team (the only all-female team to compete at the silver level): Neha Sunkara ‘21 and Carol Li ‘21


Montrose BioBuilder team (receiving a $500 grant in a Biogen video competition and bringing two projects to the BioBuilder Exposition at LabCentral in Cambridge): Emily Bowman ‘19, Lia Daher ‘19, Julia Convery ‘19, Molly Li ‘19, Sofia Conte ‘19, Ieva Serieva ‘21, Ally Noriega ‘21, Bella Convery ‘22, Alanna Hyatt ‘22


The Society of Women Engineers’ Certificates of Merit

Receiving Highest Honors: Sofia Conte ‘19

Receiving High Honors: Bella Rinaldi ‘19 and Lily Wei ‘20

The Rensselaer Medal: Lily Wei ‘20


Awards from The University of Rochester

Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Maria Schickel ‘20

Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Devyn Gianino ‘20

George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Maria Lennon ‘20


The Catholic Schools Counselor Association Scholarship: Nora Cahill ‘19


Latin Awards

Introductory Level of the National Latin Exam (Grade 8):

Certificate of Achievement – for scoring above the National Average:

Viviana Niebuhr and Maria Fasse

Certificate of Outstanding Achievement and a purple ribbon for scoring above the 90th percentile: Caitlin Beard, Sofia Ortiz, Martha Rueda, Ridhi Thotakura, Ellie Peltz, Elyza Tuan, Katya Scaria, Beza O’Neill, Anna Proscia, Gillian Murray, Victoria Morris, Sophie Cronin, Sophia Corrigan, Lucy Bachiochi, Sara Ohaegbulam, and Caroline Shannahan

Special Certificate and a Purple ribbon for a Perfect Score:  Julie Baker, Elizabeth Barrett, Theresa Marcucci, Nina Polansky and Ava Russo


Levels I-IV of the National Latin Exam (Grades 9-12):

Magna Cum Laude: Sarah Ling ‘20 and Nora Cahill ‘19

Maxima Cum Laude Silver Medal and a Certificate for scoring an 88% or higher: Grace Kondracki ‘22, Alanna Hyatt ‘22, Ana Fernandez del Castillo ‘22, Emma Judge ‘22, Katherine Keefe ‘21, Issie Russo ‘21, Molly Morgan ‘20 and Sofia Conte ‘19

Summa Cum Laude Gold Medal and a Certificate for scoring a 92% or higher: Kaleigh Robinson ‘22, Faith Chen ‘22, Tess Farr ‘22, Kasey Corra ‘22, Bella Convery ‘22, Kate Pioch ‘22, Erica Brown ‘22, Grace Gulbankian ‘21, Neha Sunkara ‘21, Anna Sheehan ‘21, Caroline Reichard ‘21, Hadleigh Zinsner ‘21 and Anna Bachiochi ‘20

Perfect Score: Catherine Olohan ‘22


Latin Honor Society: Sofia Conte, Sarah Ling, Caroline Reichard, Neha Sunkara, Hadleigh Zinsner, Faith Chen, Bella Convery, Tess Farr, Ana Fernandez del Castillo, Catherine Olohan


Randolph College Classics Book Award: Sarah Ling


National Spanish Exam

Honorable Mention for scoring at or above the 50th through 74th percentile: Catherine Olohan ‘22, Jenn Uche ‘22, Amaia O’Brien ‘22, Gabriella Bachiochi ‘21, Erin Resnick ‘21, Maria Schickel ‘20, Becky Gillis ‘19


Bronze medal for scoring between the 75th and 84th percentiles: Bella Convery ‘22, Grace Marino ‘22, Isabella Flores ‘22, Ciara Scamby ‘21, Lucy Stefani ‘21, Amira Akar ‘21, Molly Morgan ‘20, Leticia Miranda ‘20, Nora Cahill ‘19, Julia Convery ‘19

Silver medal for scoring between the 85th and 94th percentiles:

Bailey Merchant ‘22, Spandana Vagwala ‘22, Ieva Sereiva ‘21, Sophie Kocho ‘20, Emily Nelson ‘20

Gold Medal for scoring above the 95th percentile at her level: Caroline Churney ‘19


Le Grand Concours – national French exam

Mention d’honneur – Students scoring between the 50th and 70th percentile: Caroline Piorkowski ‘22, Erika Torok ‘22, Mythili Batchu ‘21, Courtney Aicardi ‘20, Sofia Conte ‘19, Addie Harrison ‘19, and Mariel Rosati ‘19

Lauréat National and Silver Medal – Students scoring between the 85th and 90th percentile: Leah Birmingham ‘22, Maggie Carr ‘21, Andrea Rodriguez-Gomez ‘21, Issie Russo ‘21, Anna Bachiochi ‘20, Maria Latasa ‘20, and Tory Krechting ‘19

Laureat National and Gold Medal – Four students scored at the 95th percentile: Ariadna Alemany ‘21, Erica Brown ‘22, Maevis Fahey ‘21, Ally Noriega ‘21


Platinum Medal for Perfect Score: Celia Roberto ‘20


National Mythology Exam

Bronze Medals for scoring 90-94%: Nina Polansky, Gillian Murray, Theresa Marcucci, Sophie Cronin, Elyza Tuan, Ava Russo, Ellie Peltz, Beza O’Neill, Julie Baker, Anna Proscia, Maria Fasse, Caroline Shannahan, Faith Chen, Mari Kouyoumjian, Caroline Reichard, Hadleigh Zinsner, Issie Russo, Sofia Conte

Receiving Silver medals for scoring 95-99%: Eliza Glaeser, Sarah Ohaegbulam, Grace Gulbankian, Neha Sunkara, Anna Bachiochi, Sarah Ling


Medusa Mythology Exam

Corona Olivae – Sarah Ling

Corona Laurea – Ellie Peltz and Caroline Reichard

Bronze Medal – Mari Kouyoumjian

Silver Medal – Neha Sunkara