Figure Out Your AP Classes ASAP!


As the year wraps up, and we think more about the beach than the work on our desks, students face a looming question: which classes should I take next year? To help with this decision, here is an overview of a few of the AP classes Montrose offers.


AP Principles of Computer Science: If you’ve never had the chance to code anything before, all the jumbles of numbers and letters probably look like some sort of strange foreign language. But the fact is, if you join Montrose’s AP CSP, you’ll learn more about how coding, computers, and the internet work than you ever thought you could. From day one, this class gives you a guided step-by-step approach to learning how code works. And the best part: it’s all hands on. During each class, you use an online program on your laptop in the Media Center in order to create your own code and solve puzzles. Mrs. Rinaldi and your peers are always in the classroom to help you and talk things out when you feel stuck. AP CSP isn’t a heavy workload and doesn’t require much homework time outside of class, so it’s definitely a class you should try if you have interest in technology or problem solving!


AP European History: This class develops your skills in reading, writing and in-depth analysis. By the end of the year, you will have a fuller understanding of the Western world (including our own United States) from the Renaissance to present day. Taking this class will expand the historical context you need to understand modern political debates and current issues in the world. “What we think is important about liberty and representative government comes out of Europe—its thinkers and philosophers,” said teacher Mrs. Forsgard. She enthused: “It’s so exciting.” If you’re ready to dive into reading, writing, and deep thinking about the world, AP Euro is for you!


AP United States History: This class covers our country’s history, from pre-Columbian Native American cultures to modern times. Through the course, you will gain an in-depth, cohesive, and multilayered understanding of our country’s past, as well as a deeper appreciation for its present. In addition to the engaging information you will learn in this class, you will also become more skilled at recognizing important information, understanding the causes and effects of historical trends, and looking at events from multiple points of view. Mrs. Benestad, the teacher of APUSH at Montrose, helps the load of information become less overwhelming by creating a clear sequence of events in class and encouraging us to come for extra help to prepare for an overwhelming test. If you’re ready to put in the time and dedication needed to understand our country’s fascinating history, APUSH is for you!

AP Language and Composition: Taught by skilled teacher Mrs. Whitlock, AP Lang offers students a chance to showcase their reading and writing abilities, as well as improve the clarity, structure, and cohesiveness of their writing. If you take this class, you will read a variety of nonfiction works and engage in thought-provoking discussions with your classmates. Because the AP Lang exam tests your reading comprehension abilities and prowess in three types of writing, you will spend a good deal of time practicing these skills through at-home essays at the beginning of the year and timed, in-class writes during second semester. However, Mrs. Whitlock seeks to improve each one of her students’ writing throughout the year, and you will definitely notice great improvements in the quality of your writing and feel prepared for the exam by the end of the year!