Start the New Year Primed for Success: Weekly Habits of Mind Workshops Start Jan 6

Start the New Year Primed for Success: Weekly Habits of Mind Workshops Start Jan 6
Three years ago, the Habits of Mind class started with a question: If students learned more about how their brain worked, could they build better academic habits? What would be the impact of a class dedicated to learning how to learn?
I think I’m the one who has gained the most from teaching this class — the techniques I share with students have helped me in my own work as a teacher, researcher, and journalist. And while Habits of Mind is a middle school class, the information is too good not to share more broadly.
So, upper school students, do you want some practical inspiration to help you start 2021 on the right foot?
On five winter Wednesdays, I’ll be offering a 45-minute Habits of Mind virtual workshop. While I initially created this mini-course for our new 9th graders (whom I am excited to see online for these!), I want to open it up to any upper school student who did not have this class . . . and those of you who did but want a refresher!
Come to one, two, three, or all the sessions! I promise you’ll leave each one with at least one tip you can use that week to support your academic success and overall well-being.
These will be held via Zoom from 12:45-1:30 PM on the following Wednesdays:
  • January 6: Neuroplasticity: A Crash Course on How We Learn, Build New Habits, and Replace Old Ones
  • January 13: Focus Power!: Tips for Getting Started and Staying Motivated (Even During a Pandemic)
  • January 20: It’s About Time: Strategies for Working Smarter, Not Harder (& Finding Time for Joy)
  • January 27: The Brain-Boosting Power of Sleep & Exercise
  • February 3: Making the Best of Stress: Building Your Resilience Toolbox
Check your email for the Zoom link!
Mrs. Deborah Farmer-Kris
Associate Director of the LifeCompass Institute