Back to the Chapel: How the School Schedule Helps Students Enrich Their Prayer Life


{Credit: Adam Richins Photography}

Elizabeth Barrett '23, Staff Writer

For some, it is easy to find time in the day to pray and have a conversation with God no matter what their schedule looks like. Over quarantine, we all had a surplus of free time. Abbie Lindblad ’24 found this time to be beneficial to her prayer life: “I am busy in class so I am focused on another topic.” For others, including myself, it can be a bit more difficult. 

When we came back to Montrose, my own faith grew stronger again, despite my day getting much busier. As someone who is more productive with structure than free time, I struggled over quarantine to make time for spiritual enrichment. Especially when churches were not open and we had to stream Mass online, it was easy to let my mind wander. Isabel Oquendo ‘23 added: “Coming back to Montrose has allowed me to get back on the right path. I can go to Mass every day and pop into the chapel whenever I have a free period.” Adelina Corra ‘26 said: “Online Mass really didn’t feel the same at all since I couldn’t receive the Eucharist every weekend. I really feel like being there in person makes me so much happier.” Theology teacher Ms. Smith said: “the regularity of the Sacraments and the free periods when I can go to the chapel” help her prayer life. 

Attending Mass in person seems to appeal to the majority of people because they can receive the Eucharist. Also, being back in school means we have access to Confession. Amaia O’Brien ‘22 said: “Praying at home is very different than being able to pray in the chapel.” At home, there are many distractions — scrolling through TikTok, listening to music, dogs barking at squirrels, and siblings arguing — so the peacefulness of the Chapel helps students and teachers pause from the busyness of the day and focus on God alone.

 Theology class also plays a significant role in aiding students’ relationships with God. Scarlett Testa ‘23 said: “Theology class is a great time for me to reflect on God and I missed it! For me, learning about God is fun and super interesting. It gives me time to not only praise God but also learn about Him.” In addition, Theology class provides chapel periods, which are extremely helpful if you have trouble making time to pray and get easily distracted by noise.

Overall, coming back to Montrose has helped much of the student body come closer to God. We have the chapel, where we can take a step back and reflect on the day. And, with Mass and Confession, we have the opportunity to receive two of the sacraments regularly. Finally, we have Theology class, where we can fulfill our thirst for knowledge about God.

Elizabeth Barrett ‘23