The Walrus is Back!

Jenn Uche '22, Opinions and Walrus Editor

Do you like creative writing? Do you like writing prose-y poems and telling stories with flash fiction? Well, this is the club for you!
The Walrus Creative Writing Club is back for its second year at Montrose School. Open to all students, it offers a chance for students to write something unrelated to academic-based formats or school writing assignments. It’s just a chance for you to write whatever you want!

The club is split into two divisions: Upper School and Middle School.


Upper School:

I’ll be the one leading the meetings (though this is more a discussion-and-writing-based club) with Mrs. Whitlock— one of our club advisors!— supervising. 

US Meeting Format

We meet every other Monday in Room 11 during Student Life. The times where we are in-person will act as brainstorming sessions and check-in days. Most of our work will be mostly individual-based, but the club brings together community and support to its members. The whole week will be dedicated to us generating work!

During the weeks we don’t meet, we have our peer-editing sessions! To follow COVID restrictions, we changed our weekly meeting schedule to every other. The peer-editing sessions allow students to submit their generated work in the club Google Drive to receive feedback from their peers. This teaches us how to give constructive criticism and allows us to better our rough drafts.  


Middle School:

The middle school meets every Monday during lunch in Room 16. The meetings are run by our other club advisor Mrs. Rebecca Roberts! The group is a kind and talented bunch of students who love to write!

MS Meeting Format

Mrs. Roberts provides an incredible approach to the meetings, in which she posts her To-Do list on Canvas and the group goes through it together during the meetings.



  • Prompt-writing
  • Peer-editing
  • Short Story and Poetry Readings
  • Discussions
  • Trope Talks
  • Individual Writing & MORE!

ATTENTION 8TH GRADERS! There is an opportunity for leadership just for your grade! The Middle School needs a student leader that can attend the meetings and work alongside the club advisor (Mrs. Roberts!) This is a wonderful chance to not only write but to gather others to join the community of writers present at Montrose. If you’re interested in this role, feel free to contact me or Mrs. Roberts!

I hope you consider dropping by during one of our meetings! If you have any questions, feel free to email me, Mrs. Roberts, or Mrs. Whitlock at,, and


Jenn Uche ‘22, Opinions and Walrus Editor