Best Kept Secret at Montrose: Study Hall & After School Help with Miss Slocum


Miss Slocum

Academic Support Specialist Miss Slocum.

Do you have a study hall with Academic Support specialist Miss Slocum or stay late after school? Are you getting behind on work? Do you tend to procrastinate like me? Need some help getting your scholarly life back together? May I suggest… Miss Slocum of the Media Center. We can all struggle with deadlines sometimes. The work can be overwhelming and it is hard to know where to start. Then, you end up falling down a black hole of late homework and stress. 

When you are in a disorganized mindset or setting, work can be ten times more arduous to get done, and then it never ends up finished on time. Miss Slocum knows this, as she was once in our shoes. “I could’ve used someone like me when I was your age,” said Miss Slocum about her years as a student. She herself was once disorganized, and that inspired her to aid us. She is “passionate about being supportive” and assists you in finding the root of the problem and solving it — whether you’re struggling with time management, distractions, or procrastination.

A graduate of Saint Anselm College with degrees in theology and business, Miss Slocum offers learning support to any middle schooler or upper schooler who needs it. Her scholarly background has helped her develop practical as well as pastoral skills. She can help, and you can connect easily with her.

She provides different studying tips and tricks to help you not drown in piles of homework. Even if you are just struggling with a specific part or question in your homework, she can help you with that. She has study tips on time management, how to pace long-term assignments, how to build routines to help you stay organized and focused during your homework time — and more. And these services are there five days a week after school! 

If you are struggling to stay on top of your homework, Miss Slocum suggests “making someone hold you accountable.” Miss Slocum can certainly help with that as well as an assortment of other things. It can sometimes be intimidating to ask for help, but let me assure you, Miss Slocum is so understanding and kind that you will wonder why you did not come earlier. 


Josephine Marshall ‘27, Contributing Writer