Fast Food Opinions

I love all kinds of fast food, including hot dogs, chicken nuggets, french fries, and all the rest of them.  I also love all kinds of fast food restaurants, such as Chick-fil-a, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Dairy Queen. This article is just some opinions from the student body and also from me. 

Everyone loves Wendy’s, including me.  An anonymous 6th grader said: “Wendy’s is my favorite because of the good strawberry salad!” Some people like them for emotional reasons. Maria Silveyra Dodds ‘26 said: “I like Wendy’s because of the golden French Fries; they make me feel so happy and satisfied. Like I fit in.”  

There was also an opinion on IHOP. I have not been to IHOP, but I do hear that the breakfasts are really good. Bridget Devaney ‘27 said: “I like IHOP because it is a good place to eat breakfast/brunch! Very family-friendly! And the pancakes are really good!” I love pancakes, so I will definitely have to try IHOP. 

Also, the famous McDonald’s is always good. Even though it isn’t really enough for me, I love the Happy Meals!!! Annabella Kelly ‘27 likes McDonald’s because she said: “It is fun for a trip every once and a while!” And her favorite food is the cheeseburger. I completely agree. Tvesha Patel ‘27 also likes McDonald’s because of the chicken patties. Even some of the toys that I have gotten in the Happy Meals were pretty good for those cheap toys from Happy Meal boxes. 

Usually, people don’t really think of Chipotle as a fast food restaurant, but as a matter of fact it is. The burritos and the burrito bowls are so good.  I like Mexican food in general, so this is probably one of the reasons why I like it.  Speaking of Mexican food, On the Border Café is really good.  It is not fast food, but still it is really good. The waiters keep giving you chips every five minutes. One time, I got so full from the chips alone that I couldn’t eat my dinner!

Personally, my favorite place is Chick-fil-a. I love the chicken nuggets and the waffle fries. Nola Guthrie ‘26 also said: “I like the chicken and fries; they are really good!” Also, the drinks there are the best!!! Even just the lemonade is better than any other that I’ve had!! Also, the ice cream is so much better than normal ice cream.  This is also going to sound kind of weird, but the ice cubes they have are better than the ones at home.  They are round and easily crunchable. 

To close, I just wanted to say that fast food is very good. I mostly like Chick-fil-la, but I like all fast food in general. My favorite fast food meal is chicken nuggets and waffle fries; usually I get that at Chick-fil-a with a lemonade, but chicken nuggets and fries are good anywhere and anytime.   

Bella Gonet ’26