Tributes: What Elizabeth Schickel’s Life has Taught Us

Tributes: What Elizabeth Schickel's Life has Taught Us

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Student Tributes

When I last visited Elizabeth, I was welcomed into a decidedly joyful and loving Schickel household. Elizabeth was cozily wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, wearing her Schickel shirt, and watching Tangled. While I was visiting, I was amazed at the outpouring of love between Elizabeth and the people around her. The whole house was humming with the usual activity: the family was talking, doing homework and laughing, and Elizabeth was in the center of it all.

Elizabeth always displayed remarkable courage, positivity, and faith. However, these virtues were not easy to come by in the face of difficulty. Elizabeth had to make a conscious choice to either let the tumor drag her down into negativity, or to embrace the suffering with a fighting, fiercely joyful spirit. Elizabeth most definitely chose to rise up with amazing optimism; indeed, much of what she accomplished was due to a sheer power of faith-inspired will. Her determination led her back to Montrose, after all, for much of the fall semester.

Elizabeth always brought out the best in others. By simply needing help in everyday situations, those around her were motivated to be selfless and offer assistance. It was abundantly clear by the attentiveness of the 10th grade class how one person needing help can bring out generosity in others. Elizabeth demonstrated how little acts of love go a long way, too. Her Valentines for classmates, cheerful greetings in the halls, and simply her ever-radiant smile never failed to elicit a reciprocation of love in return. Her trusting faith deepened the faith of everyone around her, and as she united her struggle with Christ’s on the Cross, those around her offered their own little sacrifices with her as well. Elizabeth was, perhaps unknowingly, a role model and a beacon of awesomeness to just about everyone she encountered.

Elizabeth continues to inspire everyone to embrace the struggles of life with her determination, courage, and profound optimism.

~ MaryGrace King ’16

Elizabeth taught me to always smile and be happy no matter what’s wrong. She also taught me to trust in God for everything because although things may seem dark, He always has a plan and always looks after us. I am so grateful to have been friends with such an inspirational girl. I love you, Elizabeth.
~ Catherine Melley ’16
Because of Elizabeth, I learned that having fun was the best way to live. Whether it was pranking others, relaxing on the beach, or just giggling, I loved every moment with my partner n’ crime.
~ Michaela Fleming ’16
Elizabeth taught me how to be the best person I can be. How to smile in the hardest of times, how to laugh at the little things, how to find light in the darkest of places, how to be a truly amazing person.
~ Margaret Sparicio ’16
As her teammate, I could always count on Elizabeth to make the shot, outrun the opponent, or run up and grab my helmet at the end of each game, regardless of the outcome. In Student Government as class rep, Elizabeth was enthusiastic, energetic and contributed constantly, offering ways to improve things or how to simply make them “more fun.” I’ll always remember her incredible Spirit Week costumes, and she was a force to be reckoned with on Field Day! I don’t think there is one person who has touched and united the lives of so many past and present Montrose students, faculty, families, and friends. If the purpose of life is to love, then Elizabeth surely accomplished her purpose, for she loved with an open heart and taught all of us to love even in the face of suffering.
~ Elle Schirripa ’15
Elizabeth taught me a lot of things. She taught me that it’s fun to count the amount of letters in words, how to swim under docks without being caught, every line in Tangled, and how to successfully climb to the top branch in the neighborhood climbing tree. Most importantly, she taught me how life should be lived. She taught me that ordinary days and moments can be made extraordinary, and that is something I will not soon forget.
~ Brenna Mitchell ’15