Montrosians Excel at Laureate and Achievement Award Ceremonies


Finally, the end of the year. After sports games and plays, exams and contests, it’s time to celebrate all Montrosian accomplishments. In May, Montrose held two awards ceremonies: the Laureate assembly and the achievement awards assembly.

At the Laureate, a plethora of awards were given. Each department awarded one or two students per grade level and AP class. In addition, juniors received college book awards; seniors received awards for capstone and cumulative upper school GPA; and sports awards were given to juniors and seniors. Then salutatorian and valedictorian were revealed. Finally, the four special senior awards, which are inscribed on a plaque in Founders’ Hall, were bestowed. It was incredible to see the whole school give these seniors a standing ovation as they walked to the stage to receive their certificates.

The achievement awards assembly began with middle school character awards. Achievement awards included recognition in national exams in Latin, French, Spanish, and mythology. Students also received recognition for any contests they competed in independently. Additional junior book awards were granted. Again, Montrose cheered on its accomplished scholars enthusiastically.

Here are the Laureate Award Winners:

English: Grace Gulbankian ‘21, Sophie Kocho ‘20, Emily Nelson ‘20, Bella Rinaldi ‘19, Rebecca Gillis ‘19, Kiran Kottapalli ‘18, Skylar Miklus 18

History: Maevis Fahey ‘21, Mary McManmon ’20, Sophie Kocho ‘20, Celia Roberto ‘20, Addie Harrison ‘19, Krystal Wu ‘19, Jenna McCarthy ‘19, Maggie Gilbert ‘18, and Gabrielle Landry ‘18

Theology: Anna Sheehan ‘21, Stephanie Ciampa ‘20, Tory Krechting​ ‘19, Capstone Class: Anneka Ignatius ‘18 and Gabrielle Landry ‘18

Math: Neha Sunkara​ ‘21, ​Lily Wei ‘20, Sofia Conte ‘19, Elizabeth Ling ‘18, Ciara Young ‘18

Science: Gabriella Bachiochi​ ‘21, Maria Lennon ‘20, Bella Rinaldi ‘19, Kiran Kottapalli ‘18, Alex Rider ‘18, Regina Crevier ‘18 and Hannah Marino ‘18

French: Isabella Russo ‘21, Celia Roberto ‘20, Addie Harrison ‘19, Abby Hutner ‘18

Spanish: Mia Alto ‘21, Catherine Bettinelli ‘21, Sophie Kocho ‘20, Maria Schickel ‘20, Katie Randall ‘19, Isabelle Heron ‘19, Gabrielle Landry ‘18, Skylar Miklus ‘18

Latin: Neha Sunkara ‘21, Sarah Ling ‘20, Nora Cahill ‘19, Sofia Conte ‘19, Elizabeth Ling ‘21

Art: Lily Wei ‘20, Celia Roberto ‘20, Lia Daher ‘19, Adriana Della Camera ‘18, Elizabeth Ling ‘18, Molly Bowman ‘18

Music: Olivia Hastie ‘18

Journalism: Maddie Marcucci ‘19, Mariel Rosati ‘19

Computer Science: Kira Dharni ‘18

Outstanding Capstone Paper recipient: Alexandra Rider ‘18

Outstanding Capstone Presentation recipient: Elizabeth Ling ‘18

Outstanding Paper awards: Ieva Sereiva ‘21, Anna Bachiochi ‘20, Sarah Ling ‘20, Caroline Churney ‘19

Special Science Awards:

The Society of Women Engineers, High Honors:  ​Anneka Ignatius ‘18, Maggie Gilbert ‘18. Highest Honors:  Elizabeth Ling ‘18

Rensselaer Medal: Sofia Conte ‘19

WPI STEM Leadership Book Award: Addie Harrison ‘19 and Isabella Rinaldi ‘19

Sports Awards:

The Frank Power, Jr. Award of Excellence: Annie Irwin ‘19

Portrait Award: Isabel Buckley ‘18 and Hannah Marino ‘18

The Reverend Richard Rieman Award: Ciara Dunn ‘18

Book Awards:

Boston College Book Award: Emily Bowman ‘19

Holy Cross Book: Annie Irwin ‘19

Harvard Prize Book: Caroline Churney ‘19

Jefferson Book Award: Clare Melley ‘19

Smith College Book: Julia Convery ‘19

St Michael’s Award: Jenna McCarthy ‘19

Wellesley College Book Award: Rebecca Gillis ‘19

George Washington University Book Award: Nora Cahill ‘19

Inspiration Award: Maevis Fahey ‘21, Devyn Gianino ‘20, Lily Wei ‘20, Emily Bowman ‘19, Elizabeth Ling ‘18

Senior High Honors: Nora Clancy​ ‘18, Gabrielle Landry ‘18, Olivia Hastie ‘18​, Elizabeth Ling ‘18, Anneka Ignatius ‘18, Ciara Young ‘18

Salutatorian: Gabrielle Landry ‘18

Co-Valedictorians: Anneka Ignatius ‘18 and Elizabeth Ling ‘18

Special Senior Awards:

Aimee Alcarez Cowan Award for Literary Promise: Alexandra Rider ‘18

Spirit of Service Award: Carlie Cichocki ‘18 and Regina Crevier ‘18

Headmistress Award for Distinguished Service to the School: Sophia Sardegna ‘18 and Gabrielle Landry ‘18

Montrose Cup: Isabel Buckley ‘18 and Jocelyn Kelly ‘18

Achievement Awards

Middle School Character:

Caritas: Theresa Bettinelli ‘24, Theresa Marcucci ‘23, Isabella Convery ‘22

Responsibility: Abigail Lindblad ‘24, Meredith Ehernzeller ‘24, Caroline Shannahan ‘23, Lindsay Burgess ‘22

Perseverance: Mackenzie Cassler ‘24, Maddy Grigg ‘24, Ridhi Thotakura ‘23, Grace O’Neill ‘23, Ana Fernandez del Castillo ‘22, Faith Chen ‘22

Service: Helen Olohan ‘24, Isabel Oquendo ‘23, Alanna Hyatt ‘22

8th grade Leadership award: Tess Farr ‘22

Middle School Spelling Bee: Kasey Cora ‘22

Wordwright Competition: Emily Nelson ‘20 and Celia Roberto ‘20

Special Recognition:

Gabrielle Landry ‘18 won the High School division of the JFK Library Poetry Contest. Nora Cahill ‘19 won the Medfield Lion’s Club speech competition, and went on to finish in the top 15 in the state. Aine Ford ‘18 and Anneka Ignatius ‘18 won awards in the Massachusetts Center for the Books “Letters for Literature” competition. Skylar Miklus ‘18 was the Montrose winner of the English Speaking Union Shakespeare Competition. Gillian Murray ‘23 and Julie Baker ‘23 were both honored as winners of the Young Writers’ “Spinechillers” story contest. Sophia Corrigan ‘23 was honored as a winner in the Young Writers’ poetry competition, “The Poetry Games.”

National History Day Awards: Anna Bachiochi ‘20, Celia Roberto ‘20, Maevis Fahey ‘21, Grace Gulbankian ‘21, Neha Sunkara ‘21.

MIT Science Trivia team: Yvonne Niebuhr ‘18, Quenvy Li ‘18, Sofia Conte ‘19, Bella Rinaldi ‘19, Sophie Kocho ‘20, and Anna Bachioch ‘20.

Montrose BioBuilders: Yvonne Niebuhr ‘18, Ciara Young ‘18, Sofia Conte ‘19, Lia Daher ‘19, Julia Convery ‘19, Emily Bowman ‘19, Donna Phinney ‘21 and Ieva Sereiva ‘21

Awards from the University of Rochester:

Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Becky Gillis ‘19

Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Caroline Churney ‘19

George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Clare Melley ‘19

Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Sofia Conte ‘19

8th grade Latin Exam

Honorable MentionKaleigh Robinson ‘22, Caroline Piorkowski ‘22, Amaia O’Brien ‘22, Grace Kondracki ‘22, Anna Rose ‘22, Catherine Olohan ‘22, Maureen Koenen ‘22, Alanna Hyatt ‘22

Above the 90th percentile: Ana Fernandez del Castillo ‘22, Faith Chen ‘22, Lindsay Burgess ‘22, Isabella Convery ‘22, Kasey Corra ‘22, Emma Judge ‘22

Perfect Score: Tess Farr ‘22 and Kate Pioch ‘22

9th – 12th grade Cum Laude certificate: Kat Devaney ‘21, Lucy Stefani ‘21, Ally Noriega ‘21, Carlie Cichocki ‘18

Magna Cum Laude Certificates: Molly Morgan ‘20, Devyn Gianino ‘20, Bella DeMatteo ‘20, Maria Lennon ‘20, Abby Hutner ‘18

Maxima Cum Laude Silver Medal: Katherine Keefe ‘21, Elizabeth Ling ‘18

Summa Cum Laude Gold Medal: Gabrielle Bachiochi ‘21, Anna Sheehan ‘21, Isabella Russo ‘21, Grace Gulbankian ‘22, Hadleigh Zinsner ‘21, Anna Bachiochi ‘20, Nora Cahill ‘19, Sofia Conte ‘19

Perfect Score: Neha Sunkara ‘21 and Sarah Ling ‘20

Latin Honor Society Inductees: Neha Sunkara ‘21, Sarah Ling ‘20, Sofia Conte ‘19, Elizabeth Ling ‘18

Randolph College Classics Book Award: Nora Cahill ‘19 and Sofia Conte ‘19
National French Exam:

Mention d’honneur (50th through 70th percentile): Courtney Aicardi​ ‘20, Julia Phillips ‘19, Sofia Conte​ ‘19, Mariel Rosati ‘19, Addison Harrison ‘19, ​Zihan Sun ‘19, Demi Katinas​ ‘19, Abigail Hutner ‘18, Madeline Marcucci​ ‘19, Kiran Kottapalli ‘18

Lauréat National and Bronze Medal (75th through 80th percentile): Alessandra Noriega​ ‘21, Olivia Hastie ‘18

Lauréat National and Silver Medal (85th through 90th percentile)Maggie Carr​ ‘21, Maevis Fahey ‘21, Isabella Russo​ ‘21, Tori Krechting ‘19, Anna Bachiochi ‘20


National Spanish Exam:

Honorable Mention (50th through 74th percentile): Amira Akar​ ‘21, Ayana Murphy ‘19, Mia Alto​ ‘21, Veronica Salvaggio ‘19, Katherine Flynn​ ‘21, Isabel Buckley ‘18, Eva Pimlott​ ‘21, Regina Crevier ‘18, Erin Resnick​ ‘21, Maggie Gilbert ‘18, Mary McManmon​ ‘20, Hannah Marino ‘18, Maria Schickel​ ‘20, Hannah Melville ‘18, Emily Bowman​ ‘19, Missalle Jreij ‘18, Jenna McCarthy ‘19

Bronze Medal (75th through 84th percentiles): Ieva Sereiva ‘21, Molly Morgan ‘20, Emily Nelson ‘20, Becky Gillis ‘19, Annie Irwin ‘19, Abby McAvoy ‘19, Yvonne Niebuhr ‘18

Silver Medal (85th through 94th percentiles): Lucy Stefani ‘21, Sophie Kocho ‘20, Nora Cahill ‘19, Katie Randall ‘19, Bella Rinaldi ‘19, Anneka Ignatius ‘18

Gold Medal (95th percentile and above): Caroline Churney ‘19, Julia Convery ‘19, Gabby Landry ‘18, Skylar Miklus ‘18

National Mythology Exam:

Bronze Certificates (grades 10 – 12): Sarah Ling ‘20, Grace Alyea ‘18,Kira Dharni ‘18, Carlie Cichocki ‘18

Silver Certificates (grades 10 – 12): Elizabeth Ling ‘18, Sofia Conte ‘19,Anna Bachiochi ‘20

Bronze Medals (grades 6-9 w/score 90-94%): Maddy Grigg​ ‘24, Liana Warnakulasooriya​ ‘24, Grace Gulbankian ‘21, Katherine Keefe ‘21, Caroline Shannahan​ ‘23, Isabella Russo ‘21, Grace Kondracki ‘22, Hadleigh Zinsner ‘21, Emma Judge​ ‘22, Anna Sheehan ‘21

Silver Medals (grades 6-9 w/score 95-99%): Faith Chen ‘22, ​Mari Kouyoumjian ‘22, Ana Fernandez del Castillo​ ‘22, Kate Pioch ‘22, Alanna Hyatt ‘22

Gold Medal and Perfect Score: Tess Farr ‘22 and Neha Sunkara ‘21

Medusa Mythology exam:

Corona Oliva​: Grace Alyea ‘18, Sarah Ling ‘20

Corona Laurea: Elizabeth Ling ‘18, ​Sofia Conte ‘19, Kira Dharni​ ‘18, Neha Sunkara ‘21

Bronze Medal: Mari Kouyoumjian ‘22

National Merit Scholarship: Gabrielle Landry ‘18

Congrats girls!