Thank You to Mr. and Mrs. Landry

Faith Chen '22, Assistant Copy Editor

Often, during times of difficulty, people emerge and unify to support one another. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, most of us contribute to our community by staying at home. However, many essential workers put their lives at risk every day. As workers courageously confront the virus, many encounter the question: “How will I take care of my kids?”

On March 21, after ordering the closure for most child care centers in Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker announced that more than 300 emergency child care programs will be available. Governor Baker told reporters at the State House, “We know that childcare is an especially critical piece of emergency service that allows our front-line workers to continue their battle against COVID-19 and to continue their work…there are times when our families are on the front-lines and don’t have another option for their children.” 

Being one of the 300 childcare programs, Montrosian Parents Mr. and Mrs. Landry continue their work at Circle of Friends Montessori School. Their Montessori school has been opened since 1991 and provides care for children between 15 months to 6 years old. With an influx of new students, Mr. and Mrs. Landry maintain a nurturing environment necessary for parents who are front-line workers and have no other option for childcare. When asked why their work is so crucial, Mrs. Landry responds, “we provide peace of mind for hard working Americans whose first concern is where to leave their children… We appreciate the opportunity to continue to service the community in our chosen capacity.” 

While we stay at home, someone is delivering packages to our doorsteps. Someone is the cashier checking out our food in the grocery store. Someone is gearing up and working long shifts at the hospital. Some of these people, like Mr. and Mrs. Landry, we know; others may be complete strangers. These people all continue to maintain essential parts of our society. For that, we express our appreciation. Thank you!

 Faith Chen ’22, Assistant Copy Editor 

(Credit: Landry Family)