Thank You Seniors: Anna Bachiochi


Jenn Uche '22, Opinions Editor

It’s that time of the year — we’re so very ready to jump into summer, yet at the same time, we dread saying goodbye to our friends in the graduating class.

One of those people is the one and only Anna Bachiochi.

Anna has been a part of the Montrose community since she was in sixth grade. After all of this time in Montrose, she has grown friendships in the community, creating heartfelt memories. 


What was your FAVORITE MEMORY at Montrose?

This was a funny question to ask because, as she said: “I have too many good ones to count!” But she said that of all of the Christmas time at Montrose is her favorite.

On the annual festivities, Anna commented: “The whole school really gets into it, and I loved both being the young student who inherited these crazy traditions from older (and cooler) students and being the older student who gets to show younger students how we do things at Montrose.”

Anna is known in our school for dedication towards the Montrose community, which she expresses in a variety of ways. Whether it was through her remarkable writings and effort in the newspaper or her upkeep of the chapel as a Faith Peer Leader, you know that Montrose has truly been blessed to have her in the community.


Tell us about your time with The LOOKING GLASS

As our famed Opinions Editor, Anna is a big part of the Looking Glass newspaper. 

Anna said: “I decided to join the newspaper because I knew I loved writing, and the newspaper was the best place to do that at Montrose.”

She joined at the beginning of her junior year and was “immediately swept into the community!” 

“Opinions is a great section to edit because writers really get excited about sharing their own ideas, and the school community greatly benefits from hearing a variety of views.”

One question I asked— and probably my favorite one— was: Why take up writing?

“Writing is the way that I best communicate ideas, and I’ve found writing for the newspaper very therapeutic in some ways because it helped me to understand my own ideas and opinions in a clearer way, as well as better appreciate the ideas and opinions of other writers. I will definitely continue writing after I leave Montrose, but the community and collaboration of the Looking Glass will definitely be missed.”

Anna has written dozens of articles for the Looking Glass and a link to a few can be seen down below. Be sure to check them out!


What are your FUTURE PLANS?

Anna will be attending the University of Notre Dame to study philosophy as well as a pre-med track. 

“I’m really excited to take classes with other students who really enjoy and appreciate the areas of study that I love!”


What are you going to MISS about Montrose?

Anna answered: “I’m really going to miss the deep sense of community and collaboration I felt (and still feel) with the students and faculty at Montrose. No matter how hard my workload got or how overwhelmed with the responsibility I became, I always felt like someone wanted me to succeed.”

Anna summed up the best of Montrose perfectly well.

We— the Montrose community— are going to miss Anna and all of our seniors, but we’d like them to know that we are patiently waiting. Patiently waiting to see in which inevitable way Montrose’s class of 2020 will shape the world for the better.


Check out some of Anna Bachiochi’s wonderful work from over the years!

These are just a miniscule fraction of the amount of hard work and passion that Anna has brought to the Looking Glass. She has inspired all of us to think deeply and write about anything that piques your interest, and she leaves some big shoes to fill.

a’s first ever Looking Glass article from 2013 when she was in sixth grade: Tips for Pen Pals

An excellent representation of Anna’s organic creativity as a sixth grader: The Unusual Tohab

Anna carried on the annual tradition of a Looking Glass senior who shares their reflections on the beginning of the school year: My Last First Day

Read three stellar Opinions pieces Anna has written since March about the coronavirus pandemic:

COVID-19’s Effect on the Anti-Vaxx Community

Fear in the Time of Coronavirus

Life or Liberty? The USA’s Unique Response to COVID-19 Shutdowns

Click here to view Anna Bachiochi’s full online writing portfolio (which only includes articles published online).

We’re waiting — fully expecting, confident, and undoubting — to see the greatness you will bring, Anna.

Go get ‘em!


The Looking Glass

Jenn Uche ’22, Opinions Editor