The Walrus: The Still Silence of the Wild

Olivia Lipson '25, Staff Writer

The colors drift past the eyes of all

 As the clouds ride the wind 

They are so close you could reach up and let their silk slip through your fingers


The still silence of the wild exhales it’s quiet breaths

The steady heartbeat of the wilderness matches all within it

A symphony of beauty floats among the mist

The dew drops are strewn across the ground 

Sparkling like diamonds among the blades of grass

Here in this meadow its seems all wonder is found 


The tall grass sways like the waves of the ocean 

The colorful birds perch on the tree branches of the many trees

The spruce, maple, and pine that grow so tall

Stretching their leaves towards the sky

A small doe prances among the scattered wild flowers upon the ground 


The sun streaks the Earth with its golden haze

Casting upon this scene it’s bright rays 

The sun fills the sky for the most of the day 

  But some hours later it hides behind the clouds 

The sky turns into a beautiful canvas

  With hues of blue, pink, purple and orange 


This beauty is just waiting outside your door 

The still silence of the wild 

Waiting to be explored

Olivia Lipson ’25