The Walrus: The Cave

Olivia Lipson '25, Staff Writer


This is all you see when you stand at the foot of the cave


This is all you are as you take your first steps into the cave


This is all you feel when you submerge yourself in the cave


The darkness folds in upon you as you travel deeper into the cave

Your eyes are of no use 

All that leads you through the tunnel is your hands 

Your palms are cut and bruised from the rocks scratching against your flesh

Yet you keep pushing through the cavern 


All is silent here except the pounding of your feet

The small thud against the stone that you are blind to

Your hands are sore from feeling your way through the cave


Despite all your effort you give up and collapse on the ground 

You rest your back against the hard stone wall 

And close your eyes and sigh 

You feel your hands that are scratched and rough 

Just when it seems all is lost 

You gather the courage to get up 



This is all you imagine as you travel deeper into the cave


This is all you are as you make your way through the darkness


This is all you feel as you trudge through the darkness


You are deep into the tunnel now 

And the darkness is only darker 

Nothing has changed around you 

Only your perspective has formed into something wonderful 


Then you see it 

The beautiful light of the outside world 

The journey was hard and challenging 

But what kept you fueled was


Oliva Lipson ’25